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4 February 2004 : Gary Gets Something To Get His Teeth Into
Glovers manager Gary Johnson talked to the press immediately after the 2-0 defeat at Northampton Town, fielding the following questions:

Gary that was a bit of a bitter pill to swallow tonight.

I think it was. I can rant and rave in there which I do sometimes and I did last week. I felt then that we didn't do enough. But today is a bitter pill because we played some good stuff. We looked strong, we looked quick, we looked mobile and we looked comfortable. There were a couple of bits of indecision in both penalty areas really that cost us the game. Northampton's little bit of experience, with a couple of good goals from two experienced players won it. Their fellow Hargreaves had about his only chance, and I don't think he hardly touched the ball all game. It is a bitter pill, but I can work from there. I can work from that and we've just got to be a bit more clinical, haven't we? But we played some good stuff and I've certainly got something to get my teeth into now.

You went in at half time goal-less yet they were frustrating frustrating you more than you were frustrating them.

They were at home but we had quite a few chances. It's frustrating because we didn't finish off some of our quality moves. We didn't find people when we got wide. We didn't find people in the box. But there were still some great performances out there from our team and I've just got to build around those players.

There were two goals in the second half. What was going through your mind at that point?

The same as all the supporters. You're gutted at that point because you don't feel you deserve to be behind. Having said that, it was probably our most indecisive spell. But just prior to that we had two or three of our best chances and we just needed to take one of those. But then Northampton got the one goal and their tails were up. We went chasing and just left ourselves open a little bit for the second one. All in all it's bad that we lost, but at least I've got something to work with.

With some of the chances you had, you didn't really make the goalkeeper work did you?

No, that's right. That's what we've just said. Games are won in both penalty boxes and not from box to box. So we have to improve our penalty box play.

Paul Terry limped off.

Yes, he's still got that bad knee he had from Liverpool. It keeps coming back every now and again. But Lindy did a job out there and Simon Weatherstone did well when he came on. We looked a very strong fit outfit. But we got beaten 2-0 and we have to address that a little bit.

Has that decimated your back line or are Skiverton or Pluck going to be alright for Saturday?

I don't know. They weren't available for today so we'll have to wait and see. We'll be in tomorrow and we'll check the injured list. Obviously there's Critts and Lee Elam and we will have to see how they are recovering.

A trip to Aggborough on Saturday. How are you going to prepare for that?

Well shortly we're going to have to start on a pretty good run just to keep ourselves in the playoffs, let alone anything else. But whilst we are there, and whilst we're fighting like that, and some of the boys are showing that kind of quality and spirit, I still think we aren't going to be that far away.

So would you say you took more positives from tonight's defeat than the 2-2 draw on Saturday?

I got more positives from tonight than I did on Saturday, definitely. I thought we played with a bit of spirit today and we looked very strong. But we still lost 2-0 so I've got to be realistic and look at that. We want to be playing like that and winning 2-0 and it wasn't that long ago that we were doing that. So maybe we're getting nearer and maybe we just need that little bit of luck or quality in front of goal.

You've talked about the quality from within but you're also looking outside aren't you?

Well you have to if the quality from within doesn't come through quick enough. That's what happens sometimes but if you change things too quickly you'll end up with 40 players. People are under contract and you have to get them through it sometimes and gradually add to it. If you add to it at the right time it gradually enhances your squad. But you can't upset or take away the confidence of the players that you have already got on a contract.

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