Ciderspace News Page : Johnson: We've got to be cleverer and braver!
27 December 2003 : Johnson: We've got to be cleverer and braver!
Glovers boss Gary Johnson answered questions from the press following yesterday's 2-1 home defeat to Kidderminster Harriers:

Gary a disappointing afternoon for you, do you feel it was a case of events conspiring against you or that your team has let you down today?

"Iíd never say my team has let me down because they never go out with those thoughts and they have done very very well this year. I canít get too upset on one poor performance, but thatís what it was it was - a poor performance under those conditions. We needed to play a different game today, especially in the first half when the weather was unbelievable, and when we came out in the second half the ball wouldnít roll so it had to be a different game. It took our boys too long and I thought they were cleverer than that, took them too long to decide that we had to play a longer ball and that we had to go and compete in the opponents penalty area and I didnít really feel with the amount of balls that we got into that box that we got ourselves on the end of it enough. We needed a few more people being a bit braver and more clinical and throwing themselves at something. We got the ball in there enough and we got some big 'uns there and what I thought was a big team on the pitch, but we didnít get on the end of enough of it in the box, we didnít change our game sufficiently well to win the game."

Was it a case of Kidderminster adapting to the conditions a bit better than you did?

"Maybe, I didnít think they played that well to be fair, it was a poor football match. Credit to them, they've got two goals on the break, one was a rash challenge which Pluckyís got to learn to steer clear of - he keeps doing that on the edge of the penalty area - and the other one was a break if you like. How many opportunities did they have in the game, two, three? Itís one of them and seven out of our nine defeats have been from teams that donít necessarily play great football. Weíve said that before and we donít think itís a major problem but it's happened again today. We couldnít play our football today, we had to play a foreign style if you like and we didnít quite see it through."

The first half was amazing with that wind, Chris Weale's goal kicks were barely reaching the half-way line, but in the second half when the wind should have been at your back it seemed to die away completely?

"We didnít have a lot of luck with the elements as it were, but at the same time the players that are out there have to deal with the change in weather. Itís England for heaven's sake, you know thereís going to be rain, sunshine and snow in 90 minutes and you have to pick the right ball at the right time. Gavin, who is a great player, has hit a diabolical ball across the field which lead to Pluckyís rash challenge which lead to the goal, so its two normal stalwarts that normally do a job for us have made two bad mistakes. It was more than that, weíve got big Hugo who wins everything in our penalty box but heís got to start winning things in the opposing penalty box and stop moaning when people pull his shirt. Iíve tore into a few of them in there because we werenít man enough on the day to play the game that was needed and be brave and strong in the opposing penalty area."

You had your chances though, Kevin Gall got the one and could have had the other when it trapped under his body, and Lee Johnson had a couple of really good freekicks that the keeper has done well with?

"Yes we did, and when you have that many chances you want to get two or three more goals, and thatís where I want to see people getting in where it hurts. They're going to have to get a cut eye, they're going to have to get a whack on the shin or the nose to sometimes get a ball in the back of the net and I just want to see a bit more of that when its really needed."

Transcription by Richard Gibson.

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