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22 December 2003 : Gary Sees The Squad Game Pay Off
Glovers manager Gary Johnson had good reason to praise some of the 'squad' members of his side on Saturday, after he saw Yeovil beat Scunthorpe United 2-1 at Huish Park. Speaking to the press immediately after the game, Gary answered the following questions:

It didn’t look like it was going to be a good news day for a little while there, but it all turned out alright in the end didn’t it?

GJ: "You’ve seen us for long enough now. You mustn’t give up so early! We’ve got a squad of players and some of them need to catch up in their mentality. We had a few new lads in our squad today and it was a nice learning curve for them. The boys that were lucky enough to join us while we were a league club have just got to catch up a bit and it was a great opportunity to give them that chance, and towards the end there they showed the reasons why I brought them to the club. In the first half some of them didn’t. I want to take that squad as far as we can go and 5/6 of them have learnt a bit more today."

You did create chances in the first half though. You had a 20 minute spell where you played some really good football?

GJ: "We did but we didn’t take our chances and when you don’t take your chances a team like Scunthorpe can catch you. A bit of clever play in the box and suddenly Beagrie has got a penalty. But we had a poor spell for about 10-15 minutes after the goal. We seemed to lose a bit of confidence and we had to keep going, but it was nothing a goal wouldn’t have put right. We just had to get the first one. Obviously I had to change the shape a couple of times, change the personnel 2/3 times and credit to them they got the game back."

Andy Lindegaard got the man of the match award from the Vice Presidents and my vote as well if that counts for anything he was great for you today wasn’t he?

GJ: "The most important person is me and I gave him the MOTM as well. He had a fantastic game and again it's only what we know he can do. He did a great job on Peter Beagrie which is why I brought him in. I didn’t want Adam Lockwood or Gavin Williams thinking about their game in two weeks time. They were one booking away from missing that game so I didn’t think they would be in my best XI with that mentality. I told them, they understood, even though they both wanted to play, but if you haven’t got people to take their place in the squad then you're better off not having them in the team. If you pay wages to people you have to use them and everyone who is on a wage has been proving themselves."

Lindegaard created the first goal and scored the winner of course?

GJ: "That was the point when we moved him up. Beagrie had gone off so we moved Lindy in to a more forward position to use his pace. He had the confidence from a good hour. He is very much a confidence player and then all of a sudden two bits of brilliance and were 2-1 winners."

You had to change the shape a couple of times but all paid off in the end and the fans went home with a few free balls as well!

GJ: "That was nice. The way our passing was in the first half if we’d have kicked the balls in the stand nobody would have gone home with a ball! Thank God we brought it round in the second half. It's nice to be able to give the balls out. We wouldn’t have given them out if we’d have lost; we’d have waited until the Kidderminster game. But I'm very proud of the boys because they turned it round. They took a bit of stick off me at half time because I needed to liven a few up and they responded and that’s what I like."

A busy schedule over the Christmas period the games come thick and fast, have you got any knocks or injury problems to report?

GJ: "We’ve all got sniffles but we had a full bill of health other than the ones who were suspended or Darren Way and Roy O’Brien. There was nothing wrong with Locky and Gavin, I just decided to rest them this week. I could have come unstuck with that decision but in the end the decision was right but as I say I thought that was the team to win the game and even though I had to manoeuvre it and twist it round and change it a bit we got the game back. Jamie Gosling was unlucky today because he was looking forward to another first team game in the middle. Unfortunately he had been ill for 2/3 days and lost his legs quite early but he will be back and he is a major part of our squad and people haven’t seen the best of him yet either."

What is the plan over Christmas? Are you going to get a bit of Christmas lunch in or are you not allowing that?

GJ: "Everything in moderation is no problem. But they know there are some big games coming up and a certain game on January 4th that is quite a big game for us as well. But we wanted to be in the top three by the time we played Liverpool and I think were there at the moment which is nice. So we’ve got to do another job against Kiddy, and then Swansea a few days later and we know we’ve got the squad to do it now which is great."

[Transcription by Richard Gibson.]

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