Ciderspace News Page : Edwards appeal fails
18 December 2003 : Edwards appeal fails
Jake Edwards appeal against his dismissal for 'violent conduct' in last Saturday's 1-0 win at Bristol Rovers has failed. The FA Video Advisory Panel decided against rescinding the straight red card given to the Yeovil striker by referee Clive Penton, to the bemusement of Glovers manager Gary Johnson.

"I am absolutely gutted that the panel have come up with this decision," Johnson told the club's official site. "As far as I can tell the video was not sent to the referee for him to view and when you have a case where both the opposition defender involved and then our player insist there was no intent and Jake didn't go in with his elbows it seems very unfair for the committee to come back with this decision. It's not a case of the money although it did cost us 300 but I have spoken to the referee who said he would have a look at the video and that doesn't appear to have happened.

"I'd like to know what goes on in these video advisory panel meetings, because clearly in this case they have made the wrong decision. It's not just a case of the losing the player for important games but the fact is their decision is wrong and my player is innocent."

Regardless, there is no further appeal possible for Jake who will now be banned for 3 games - Ciderspace thinks the forthcoming Swansea, Liverpool and Rochdale matches, though this has yet to be confirmed.

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18/12/2003 : Edwards appeal fails

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