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16 December 2003 : Latest From The Ticket Office
The Official Site has publicised the latest situation regarding ticketing for the games over the Christmas period. The latest news is quoted as being accurate as of 5.00pm today.

The statement says that "Only terrace tickets are left for the Scunthorpe and Kidderminster matches. Liverpool tickets are still available for Season ticket holders only and can be collected until 5.00 p.m. on Monday 22nd. December. After that date all unclaimed season tickets will be made available to non-season ticket holders in possession of Scunthorpe and Kidderminster tickets on a first come first served basis, subject to availability."

Although the statement is not explicit, the Monday December 29th, 9.00am time for Scunthorpe and Kidderminster stubholders is thought to still hold, with the ticket office staff getting a breather for the Christmas week.

The statement also indicates that stubholders will be able to claim up to four Liverpool tickets provided they are carrying the appropriate number of ticket stub pairs. This has presumably been put in place to avoid whole families having to turn up at the club and all queue.

The club have suspended all half-season ticket sales until further notice.

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