Ciderspace News Page : Ticket Office Damaged By Fire
10 December 2003 : Ticket Office Damaged By Fire
Yeovil Town Football Club's Ticket Office has been partly destroyed by fire. Fire crews were called to the ticket office at 2.30am this morning.

The cause of the blaze is currently unknown. Obviously currently ticket arrangements are up in the air somewhat, with tickets for the Liverpool match due to go on sale tomorrow. We will therefore update/add further news as it becomes available.

Update (9.45am): The damage appears to be mainly to the club's Media Office with the Ticket Office suffering 50 percent damage. The main stadium is apparently not affected. We will try and confirm that tonight's Reserve Team match against Cheltenham Town is still taking place. Please do not ring the football club asking to buy tickets at this stage!

Update (10.30am): The club have released the following statement on their official website:

Yeovil Fire - Business as normal

"Despite the fire to part of the Yeovil Town outbuildings the intention of
the staff is that tickets for the Liverpool F.A.Cup match will still be on
sale to season ticket holders, Mini Season Ticket holders, Vice Presidents
and Patrons as originally announced, commencing tomorrow.

"In addition tickets for the Scunthorpe and Kidderminster matches will also
be sold as usual from Mid-day today. Obviously as the ticket office was
close to the area of the fire a temporary selling area has been created and
any supporters will be directed to that. We are sure all supporters will
bear with us as we deal with this situation but we are confident that the
Yeovil Town spirit will win through."

Update 12:00 (noon): Tonight's Reserve Team game is unaffected by the problems. It will go ahead as planned. The club are currently confident that there has been no data loss from the fire. They are still reinstalling alot of stuff onto new PCs so at the moment ticket sales are still a two-stage manual process. Tickets are being sold from the original supporters bar on the first floor (disabled supporters take note!) - remarkably the club were selling tickets from wooden tables outside in sub-zero temperatures at 8.15am this morning barely yards from the burnt out portakabin - there's nothing like a little bit of "war spirit"!

The club's phone system is semi-operational - not all lines are up at present, so you may find it very hard to get through any telephone orders today. The ticket office will remain open today until 7.00pm - the kick-off time for tonight's game.

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