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13 December 2007 : Glovers Appoint New Scout
Yeovil Town manager Russell Slade has been giving his views today on some of this week's movement at the club, including the arrival of a new scout at Huish Park. Chris Johnson, who was an assistant to Derby County's Chief Scout, has arrived and will concentrate upon improving the club's player recruitment.

Russell in particular told BBC Somerset Sound tonight that he regarded this week's biggest news as a significant step in the right direction. Glovers Chairman John Fry has separated out his Chief Executive role and handed that part of his job over to Martyn Starnes and Russell said that he fully supported that move:

"I'll tell you what I think straight away - I think it has moved the club forward. A lot of clubs have a Chief Executive doing the day to day work. John has an awful lot to do. He is an extremely hard worker but he has an awful lot on his plate. He wants to keep the club moving forward."

Russell added that he could see parallels between Fry's decision and his own decision to bring a new scout into the backroom set-up:

"In order to do that he (John Fry) needs more help, as I do and that's why I have brought in Chris Johnson to help with the recruitment side of things for ourselves, again in an effort to move the club forward. We need him to identify more players than I can possibly identify to buy or loan for the football club. Again I see that as a positive move and shows the club in a good light, in that we're looking to move forward."

Russell also explained Johnson's background, suggesting that he will generally base himself in Staffordshire to allow himself to be within easy reach of any matches that Russell may want him to attend:

"I know of Chris and I've spoken to him a few times. He's just left Derby County. He was Clive Middlemass's No. 2, who was the Chief Scout at Derby County. He left in the shake-up recently, along with Chris who was his No. 2 and was doing an awful lot of work for Clive. So I've nipped in. He lives in the right part of the country as he is from Stoke, so he can cover and see an awful lot of games for us. We need to improve the scouting side and the recruitment side as it's important to do that at a football club. You need eyes and you need bodies and Chris will do that."

Russell also added that he believed he was building up a strong backroom set-up now, citing physio Jim Joyce of an example of how the club can pick up good assistant personnel from other sources:

"Jim Joyce was a great signing, I think. He was one of the best signings the football club has made, and I think that Chris will prove to be the same. Your backroom staff are important, aren't they. I've got a great little team of Jim, Stuart Housley and Thommo of course is my right arm, my left arm and everything else. Now we have someone on board with the scouting. They are all involved and they all play their part and we all work as a team to make the team function because we all want to be successful."

The Glovers have also recruited in former winger Nick Crittenden to act as a coach for their Community Trust programme. The club appear to be basing much of their coaching needs for the youngsters around former players, with Roy O'Brien, Tony Pounder, Paul Thorpe and Adrian Foster as well as of course Youth Team manager Stuart Housley, giving the programme very much an 'old boys' feel to it, which is no doubt part of the motive towards giving the Community Trust programme a recognisable profile.

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