Ciderspace News Page : Millwall Man Of The Match Result
2 December 2007 : Millwall Man Of The Match Result
Last Saturday's Man of the Match vote for the away match at Millwall was won comfortably by on-loan striker James Walker. The Charlton Athletic marksman got double the points of his nearest rival after scoring his second goal in two games and that was enough for him to see off midfielder Matthew Rose.

The full results, with outright man of the match votes in brackets are as shown below:

1 James Walker 104 (9)
2 Matthew Rose 52 (1)
3 Darren Way 28 (2)
4 Lloyd Owusu 24 (1)
5 Terry Skiverton 16 (1)
6 Lee Peltier 16 (0)
7 Paul Warne 14 (0)
8 Terrell Forbes 12 (1)
9 Anthony Barry 2 (0)


Performance: 6.00
Entertainment: 5.60


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