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30 October 2007 : Officials For The Crewe Match
Saturday's trip to play Crewe Alexandra will be looked after by referee Jon Moss (West Yorkshire). We've only had the former Culture Club drummer match official on one prior occasion - the December 2005 trip to Tranmere Rovers where Mr Moss had to make a marginal decision on whether the game should go ahead or not on a frosty pitch. Sadly, he chose the correct decision and the Glovers crashed 4-1.

Nothing specific that Mr Moss did on the night was notable enough to land in the match report (although he did award us a penalty - remember them?) but we do recall being generally irritated by him. But then again after a seven hour car trip and a four goal stuffing, probably even Mother Teresa would have got a bit arsey with Mr Moss.

His last game was on Saturday where he took charge of the difficult tie between Hartlepool United and Brighton and Hove Albion - the first match since the death of Pools midfielder Michael Maidens. He showed little sympathy to the emotions running high, straight red carding Willie Boland for a rash tackle just before the break, leaving Hartlepool down to 10 men. The home side got a penalty for handball late on, but the game finished in an ugly fashion as players squared up to each other following some fairly inadvisable celebrations from 90th minute winning Brighton goalscorer Bas Savage. The referee chose to let the ground security sort the mess out this time rather than produce any more red cards.

Mr Moss will be assisted by Darren Bond (Lancashire) and Philip Bramley (West Yorkshire). The Fourth Official will be Anthony Horton (West Midlands).

Link: December 2005 : Tranmere Rovers 4 Yeovil Town 1.

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