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25 October 2007 : Russell Calls For Points Not Pounds
A rather quiet week for news has been somewhat livened up today by this week's Western Gazette back-page headline, where they have claimed that Glovers Chairman John Fry is giving out hints that manager Russell Slade could be off to another club next summer. "Summer hunt for new boss?" headlines the paper, opening up their article with the sentence "Boss Russell Slade may leave Yeovil Town at the end of the season".

The Gazette's article appears to hinge upon how you interpret Fry's answer to the question of how long he thinks Slade will be at the club for - a pretty impossible question to answer unless you happen to have Mystic Meg with you and a crystal ball. Fry replied:

"He is certainly here for the rest of the season. If it all goes up a notch and the club progresses, then that is what catches people's attention. However, I reiterate that he has got a job to do and that is what he is paid to do."

So much of the Gazette's headline appears to rest upon how much you read into Fry's opening sentence. The paper has seen it as evidence of Fry opening the door marked exit. The more cynical (that would be Ciderspace then - Ed) might suggest that the Gazette were manipulating words to try and create a headline that would shift a few copies.

Not too surprisingly, Slade himself has had plenty to say on the subject, telling BBC Somerset Sound that whether there was no smoke without fire or not, any suggestion of him leaving Huish Park next summer is news to him, and he is understandably a little confused as to what is going on:

"That speculation has not come from me. It's sometimes a little bit hard to clarify just exactly what is going on. I woke up this morning to find that the headline in the local newspaper is that I'm off in the summer. That's all a bit new to me. It's a little bit disconcerting, not for me but for the players. We've assembled a set of players here, and we should be going into the Swansea game talking about Swansea playing Yeovil, and not about anything else."

Perhaps what is surprising is that Slade has gone along with the general theme of the headline rather than the depth of the article, with the Yeovil boss having also asked whether "points or pounds" are the priority here - suggesting that he thinks he's being sold off to raise cash for the club. What is therefore more interesting is not Fry's comments, but how Russell reacted to them.

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