Ciderspace News Page : Swansea Game No Longer All-Ticket
24 October 2007 : Swansea Game No Longer All-Ticket
Further to yesterday's news, the club have today announced that Saturday's match against Swansea City will no longer be an All-Ticket match. It will therefore be possible to purchase tickets on the day.

What we're not sure about at this stage is what effect it will have on pricing. Saturday is a Premium Priced (aka 'Categorised') match, and the club have stated that for these games that "ticket prices will incur an additional 4 with the exception of juniors", so do you add an additional 4 to the normal match day price as well as the normal pre-match price? At this stage we're not sure, so if you are leaving it until the Saturday to buy a ticket, we'd recommend that you check what you are going to be charged on the day of the game.

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