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15 October 2007 : Hereford Man Of The Match Results
Yet another tight vote was experienced for last week's Man of the Match voting for the Hereford United game. There was a significant spread of views across the board, but Marcus Stewart, who lasted 90 minutes and scored Yeovil's first penalty in the winning shoot-out despite suffering a second half hamstring strain, narrowly edged out Kevin Betsy.

Full results, with the outright Man of the Match votes shown in brackets, are as follows:

1 Marcus Stewart 48 (4)
2 Kevin Betsy 40 (2)
3 Scott Guyett 32 (2)
4 Anthony Barry 30 (1)
5 Nathan Jones 22 (2)
6 Terrell Forbes 20 (1)
7 Romain Larrieu 18 (1)
8 Mark Lynch 8 (0)
9 Matthew Rose 6 (0)
10 Paul Warne 2 (0)

A reminder that you can still place your vote for Saturday's match against Carlisle United using the link below.

Link: Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United : Man of the Match Voting Form.

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