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26 July 2007 : Agent Fees : Latest Report
The Football League have issued the latest in their twice-yearly report into the payment of fees to Football Agents by their member clubs. The report shows that across the whole league, payments are down by 25 percent against last season's corresponding six month period. However, they have risen when the whole season's figures are taken into account, up to 8,584,321 from 7,660,028. Rather oddly, the Football League's statement prefers to concentrate on the six month period, glossing over the fact that the long term trend is currently upward, albeit mainly because of the amount of money sloshing around at Championship level. Payments made by Championship clubs last season went up to 7,528,501 from the previous season's total of 6,311,853.

Overall payments across the 12 month period are down in League One, dropping from the 2005-06 season figure of 955,059 down to 717,368.

The second half of the season is of course a far quieter time of the year for new contracts to be drawn up and so it is not surprising that figures for the latest six month period are considerably lower than the July - December period. Yeovil Town paid out 3,173 pounds in Agents fees for the second half of the season, compared with the 50,665 paid out during the first half of the season that meant they were one of the division's biggest spenders when it comes to Agents.

Five clubs got through the whole season without paying an agent - step forward Blackpool, Cheltenham Town, Crewe Alexandra, Huddersfield Town and Port Vale. This is down from eight last season.

Top spenders for the 12 month period were Bristol City (163,580), Millwall (111,140) and perhaps surprisingly Yeovil Town with 53,838 paid out to football agents. Despite their size, Nottingham Forest paid out just 6,000. Leyton Orient, Brighton and Hove Albion and Bradford City were the other clubs that spent 50,000 pounds or more on agents.

With so much use being made of the loan market, it will come as little surprise to find that Yeovil Town topped the loan transactions during the January-June period, with 18 loan transactions being completed. There were five new contract registrations submitted to the Football League, one updated contract and two cancelled contracts.

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