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11 July 2007 : FA Women's Cup
The round dates for the F.A. Women's Cup 2007-08 are as follows :

Preliminary Round - Sunday 2nd September, 2007
First Round Qualifying - Sunday 16th September, 2007
Second Round Qualifying - Sunday 30th September, 2007
Third Round Qualifying - Sunday 7th October, 2007
First Round Proper - Sunday 28th October, 2007
Second Round Proper - Sunday 11th November, 2007
Third Round Proper - Sunday 2nd December, 2007
Fourth Round Proper - Sunday 6th January, 2008
Fifth Round Proper - Sunday 27th January, 2008
Sixth Round Proper - Sunday 10th February, 2008
Semi-Final - Sunday 9th March, 2008
Final - Monday 5th May, 2008

So far 252 teams that have applied to enter, including Yeovil Town. Fifty-four of the clubs named so far are entering the competition for the first time. Entries have not yet closed. The list as it currently stands can be seen here.

As a Combination League team Yeovil Town are exempt until the First Round Proper. At present forty-five teams are exempt to the First Round Proper, twenty-four to the Third Round Proper and twelve to the Fourth Round Proper. Details can be found here.

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