Ciderspace News Page : Priestnall Insists The Takeover Is Going To Plan
19 July 2019 : Priestnall Insists The Takeover Is Going To Plan
Prospective co-owner Scott Priestnall has insisted that the takeover of Yeovil Town is still going to plan, despite delays in the proceedings. The current Huish Park Board announced an agreement with Priestnall and Errol Pope on June 14th, claiming at that time that both parties were "close to signing the required legal documents".

Five weeks later, and the club still remains under the ownership of Norman Hayward, albeit with himself and Chairman John Fry having been largely anonymous during that time. Priestnall has told the Western Gazette that the only sticking point is 'a few minor property queries' with respect to the due diligence and believes everything is going as he expected it to:

"The takeover is going to plan. We are very close to completing due diligence. We've got a few minor property queries being dealt with between the lawyers at the moment, which has taken a little bit longer than we expected, but I'm very confident we are in the final stretch. I'm really keen and eager to take over and start putting my plans in place. Some of those plans are already taking shape under our agreement with the existing board. Everything seems to be going the way it should and I'm as eager as anybody else to get it all finalised."

Back on June 26th, the Glovers Trust were informed that due diligence had been completed, but more recent communications from Priestnall have backtracked on that position, with the provisional co-owner stating that issues relating to the club's land had not been resolved. That aspect of the takeover process would appear to still be ongoing.

Currently ownership of the club's 26 acres of land is split between the original Yeovil Football and Athletic Club Ltd company (trading as Yeovil Town Football Club) and a parent company called Yeovil Town Holdings Ltd. In addition, there are two legal charges registered against both companies under the name of Norman Hayward, with the latter also having a covenant written into the Land Deeds under Hayward's name. Priestnall has previously said that he would expect these to be removed prior to completion of the deal.

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