Ciderspace News Page : Prospective Buyer Raises Doubts Over Current Owner's Intentions To Sell This Summer
12 June 2019 : Prospective Buyer Raises Doubts Over Current Owner's Intentions To Sell This Summer
One of the groups aiming to buy Yeovil Town Football Club has express doubts over the process to purchase the club. The latest delay in the takeover talks means that over a month has passed since Rob Couhig's bid to purchase the club collapsed almost three months after he had reached an apparent 'agreement' with current owner Norman Hayward. Although new bidders immediately appeared on the scene following the end of talks with the New Orleans businessman, hopes of a quick conclusion to discussions over the summer have gradually faded away, with today's holding statement representing the third time that the club have had to delay the process.

The BBC, via Andy Howard and Chris Spittles have been given a statement by an unnamed bidder, where they openly question whether a sale will actually be concluded this summer, or whether the current ownership may result into things being dragged into the 2019-20 season unresolved:

"We continue to express doubt that the sale of the club will be concluded this summer. We have a suspicion the current owners will be unable to agree a deal but will continue to waste everyone's time, ultimately carrying on into the new season."

They have also raised concerns about the lack of visibility that they have currently over the appointment of a new first team manager. Suggestions were that interviews were taking place with a shortlist of managers on Tuesday, but it appears that the prospective owners do not even know the full list of candidates at this stage, meaning that they are unable to judge the outgoing board's choice of manager at this stage:

"In terms of the managers appointment; Our group has had no input to the managers discussions. We have been informed interviews where taking place but we have not been given any information as to what was discussed or who the candidates were, except one candidate. It's incredibly frustrating for us as potential owners and we can only imagine how frustrating it is for the fans of the club who must be displeased with the never ending moving of the decision by the existing owners."

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