Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town Issue 2019-20 Season Ticket Packages
20 May 2019 : Yeovil Town Issue 2019-20 Season Ticket Packages
Yeovil Town have published their Season Ticket Prices for the 2019-20 season. As usual, the offer is split into two rates - the 'Early Bird' prices that will run up until Friday 12th July, along with another rate that will hold from 13th July onwards. This year's offer sees a simplification of the pricing structure (more on that below) whilst there is also a new Concessionary category for Military Personnel.

The big news on this summer's offers are that there are large reductions on prices for Adult and Senior rates, reflecting the club's drop into the National League. Two examples of this are that a non-Premium central block Adult seat would have cost you 386 during the 2018-19 season, but this will now cosr you 280 for the 2019-20 season, assuming you pay by the Early Bird Deadline Date. An Adult Terrace season ticket was 295 but has now been reduced to 220. Young Persons and Junior rates are frozen, but reflect the fact that these had been heavily discounted during previous seasons.

The net result of this is that if you plan to attend all 23 National League matches next season, then an Adult buying a Terrace Season Ticket will be getting their football at a cost of 9.57. For Adults in the Stand, attending all 23 games will average out as 12.17 per match.

With the exception of the Main Stand Premium block (the old Vice Presidents seats that surround the Directors Box) all seating prices has been simplified. Rather than have layered prices for Central blocks and Wing blocks, and the Main Stand and Screwfix Stand, these have all been flattened out into a single price for Seating, meaning that unless you want to buy a ticket for the Premium block, you're only needing to consider one price for Seating and one price for Standing/Terracing.

There's also a new Concessionary category for Military Personnel. With the area having such a strong association with the Armed Forces, particularly in Yeovilton, there have been calls for those serving their country to be offered a discount. Those who hold a British Armed Forces ID can purchase tickets at the same rate as the Seniors category.

Disabled pricing is now based entirely around the Age or Concessionary Group as per all supporters. However, the right for disabled fans to nominate an assistant to enter the group free of charge still remains in force.

The club are also introducing a new 'buy back' scheme for Adult and Senior Season Ticket Holders. When a season ticket holder can't make a game, they can hand in their ticket up to 24 hours before kick off and receive a 5.00 voucher off the price of next year's season ticket. This is limited to three matches across the whole season.

You can also add in a Car Park season ticket for 50.00 which would give rights to park in the main car park behind the Screwfix Stand for all league and cup games. Executive Car Park spaces are available at 75.00 although these are subject to availability.

Unfortunately at present the club are unable to offer the previous Zebra Financing options for this season. This is because Zebra Finance have withdrawn entirely from the football market (which has affected all clubs that they had a commercial relationship with) due to their lender losing its banking licence. The club are currently in talks with alternative financial services providers, but for the moment are unable to offer such a package.

Existing and recent Season Ticket Holders should be getting a renewal pack through the post (these have only just gone to the printers, so have not been posted out yet), or will be able to renew online. Expect confirmation of those arrangements to follow shortly. For those that want to become new Season Ticket Holders, the Huish Park Ticket Office can provide application forms (PDF version linked which you can print out yourself) or take down details over the phone. For any enquiries call them on 01935-847888. The full pricing structure is shown below:

Individual Season Tickets 2019-20 (Paid in full by July 12th 2019)

Ticket Type Full Price Adult Senior/Military Young Person Junior
Tamburino Stand Premium 350 350 350 350
Seated Areas (Non-Premium) 280 230 157 39
Thatchers Terrace 220 170 157 39

Individual Season Tickets 2019-20 (From July 13th 2019)

Ticket Type Full Price Adult Senior/Military Young Person Junior
Tamburino Stand Premium 370 370 370 370
Seated Areas (Non-Premium) 310 260 157 39
Thatchers Terrace 250 200 157 39

The small print on the ticket purchasing is as follows:
a) Young Persons are 16 - 23 years old inclusive on July 31st 2019
b) Juniors must be aged 15 years or younger on July 31st 2019. This also applies to Junior Glovers Membership
c) Disabled supporters are priced as per the above age groups, but they can take an assistant free of charge if they are on the Middle or Higher Rate of Disabled Living Allowance (to be shown on application).
d) Under-5s can go free - provided they haven't reached their 5th birthday by July 31st 2019.
e) Seniors must be aged 65 or over on July 31st 2019.
f) Military personnel can qualify for the same prices as Seniors. British Armed Forces ID must be shown on application.
g) There are no concessions available in the Tamburino Stand (Main Stand) Premium section.

To purchase your Season Ticket for the 2019-20 season, you can do so via the following different methods:
1) Using the renewal form that all current/recent Season Ticket Holders should be receiving in the post - expect a short delay on these as they've only just gone to the printers.
2) Visit the Huish Park Ticket Office in person and they'll give you a printed form to fill in. Or print out this document at home and fill it in yourself.
3) Online if you are an existing Season Ticket Holder with an online account and have no changes required to your Seat/Space or Concessionary status. Head to this page and login (note this is the old Ticketing Portal and not the one for matchday tickets).
4) Give the Ticket Office a call on 01935-847888 and they can take your details down over the phone (please avoid Matchdays close to kick-off)

Link: 2019-20 Season Ticket Application Form (PDF File).

Link: 2019-20 Season Ticket Brochure (PDF File, large file).

Link: 2019-20 Season Ticket Online Renewal Portal.

Update 03/06/2019: The club have extended the Early Bird deadline by two weeks. This means the deadline now moves from Friday 14th June to Friday 28th June. The above article has been amended to reflect the latest information.

Update 27/06/2019: The club have extended the Early Bird deadline by two more weeks (on top of the original extension). This means the deadline now moves from Friday 28th June to Friday 12th July. The above article has been amended to reflect the latest information.

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