Ciderspace News Page : Marmon Believes Club Needs Direction To Succeed After He Exits The Club
9 May 2019 : Marmon Believes Club Needs Direction To Succeed After He Exits The Club
Outgoing Yeovil Town Caretaker Manager Neale Marmon believes that the club needs direction if it is to succeed going forward. The 58 year old left the club yesterday, following five months with the club that saw him serve as a first team coach following Terry Skiverton's move across into the Academy, followed by his move into a temporary front line role after Darren Way's departure from the club.

The intention had been for Marmon to take on a permanent role for the 2019-20 season as a Sporting Director under the new ownership. However, the collapse of Rob Couhig's takeover yesterday also resulted in Marmon leaving the club, meaning that the club now have no acting manager. Marmon felt that the club's overall lack of direction was responsible for the club's long terms decline. He told BBC Somerset that he was desperately disappointed to be leaving the club, but believed those longer term issues would remain:

"Desperately, because I just think the team had started to produce towards the end of the season. We knew it was the youngest team in the Football League, and we played some good football there towards the end of the season. But it's one of those things where if you haven't got everything sorted out within the system and within the club I don't think that everyone knows what direction you're going to be going in. There's no sort of concept behind it, and that's why they've had a lot of problems in the last three or four years. I just think that the players obviously need to have a direction. But it's been confirmed today that the deal hasn't gone through and the club are going to have to look elsewhere for investors."

Marmon was asked for his views on the club's finances, and whether fans should fear the situation now that Couhig has dropped out. He said that he had no views either way on what the club's financial position was, but did warn that they needed to choose between whether they wanted to just survive in the National League or to push for a quick return back into the Football League:

"I don't know what the financial situation is. I've haven't heard positive and I haven't heard negative. But basically if they've got their house sorted out and they've got their finances sorted out, then you can survive in that league (National League) as well. But if you want to get out of that league, then the budget should be at least the same as it was last year, to be able to finance good players to come in and support the core you've kept now - if they keep the squad, as I don't know yet what the opinions are."

Marmon also delivered a final message at unnamed people, stating that he saw the club as divided, accusing some of working to their own agendas, rather than as a united force:

"A lot of people have got to get rid of their egos. I think they've got a lot of their own agendas and instead of working together, they're working against each other."

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