Ciderspace News Page : Flag Day Planned For The Crawley Town Game
11 April 2019 : Flag Day Planned For The Crawley Town Game
Yeovil Town supporters who are planning to attend Saturday afternoon's League Two match against Crawley Town can take flags into the stadium and display them on the away terrace this weekend. The club's Stadium Manager has given permission for fans to tie up and display flags across the terrace, so that what would normally be an empty end of the stadium has some colour in front of it.

Supporter Tim Lancaster has provided details of the arrangements, having been in touch with the club to get clearance for this to happen. He explains:

"The football club have agreed that away supporters are to be housed in the seats on Saturday, therefore anyone who wants to bring a flag can display it on the away terrace. Let's have as many as possible. Thank you to Mark Kelly and Yeovil Town FC for helping get this off the ground."

Fans wanting to take advantage of this, will need to approach a steward at the Copse Road Terrace end of the ground, to allow you to gain access into the area. You'll need to tie up your flag and vacate the area before kick-off, so allow plenty of time to get this done. Do not block any advertising boards, or the flag may have to be moved. You'll obviously need to allow yourself a bit of extra time at the end of the game to untie and retrieve your flag after the final whistle blows.

Flag Day for the Crawley Town game
Flag Day for the Crawley Town game
Photo 2019 Tim Lancaster/Ciderspace

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