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7 April 2019 : Yeovil Town First Team Players Contractual Situations
In five games time, Yeovil Town will have to make their annual decisions over which players they plan to release or retain. At present, the club are operating with a 25 man squad, made up of 20 permanent signings and five loan signings. This summer, nine of those players are known to be under contract beyond this summer, meaning that for those signings, the default position is that they will be on the club's books going into the 2019-20 season. There is also a tenth player in Tom James, where his contractual situation is confused, in that the club announced he was under contract until this summer, but reports from BBC local radio suggest he may already be under contract for next season.

There are seven players that are out of contract that can head to another club on a free transfer this summer, regardless of what the club has planned for them. There are also four players aged Under-24, where they are entitled to sign for another club, but provided the Glovers offer them a new deal on the same terms as their current contract, any club wanting to sign them would have to pay a compensation fee. In the case of Sessi D'Almeida, who is one of that quartet, the club have an option on his current contract that would automatically tie him to the club for another year, if they do put that offer on the table, meaning that if the situation regarding Tom James is clarified, there may only be two players in this position.

The list of first team contracted players are as follows:

Under Contract Until June 2021:

Matt Worthington (signed on January 18th 2019).
Courtney Duffus (signed on January 31st 2019).
Gabriel Rogers (signed on December 3rd 2018).
Daniel Ojo (signed on December 5th 2018).

Under Contract Until June 2020:

Stuart Nelson (signed on May 10th 2018).
Carl Dickinson (signed on June 21st 2018). Currently training at Port Vale FC.
Gary Warren (signed on June 28th 2018).
Omar Sowunmi (signed on July 5th 2018).
Ryan Seager (signed on January 29th 2019).

Out Of Contract in June 2019 and Aged Under 24:

If the club offer equivalent contractual terms for these players, any rival club interested in signing them would have to pay a compensation fee. However, if reduced terms or no deal is offered, then they can leave on a free transfer.

Rhys Browne (signed on June 16th 2017). Currently out with a hamstring injury.
Jake Gray (signed on June 26th 2017).
Sessi D'Almeida (signed on July 13th 2018).
Tom James (signed on January 12th 2018).

NOTE: Yeovil Town have an additional year option on Sessi D'Almeida's contract. They have yet to execute this option.

NOTE: When Tom James signed his 'new and improved' contract for Yeovil Town in January 2018, this was announced as expiring in June 2019 by the club. However, more recently BBC Bristol Sport and Chris Spittles have indicated they believe James was on a contract until June 2020. The club have yet to confirm this.

Out Of Contract in June 2019 and Aged Over 24:

These players automatically have the right to sign for other clubs on a free transfer.

Adel Gafaiti (signed on January 9th 2019).
Bevis Mugabi (signed on May 31st 2017).
Alex Fisher (signed on January 26th 2018).
Francois Zoko (signed on May 22nd 2017).
Yoann Arquin (signed on December 28th 2018).
Craig Alcock (signed on February 1st 2019). Currently coaching with the Academy.
Alefe Santos (signed on July 25th 2017).

On Loan Until The End Of The Season:

Nathan Baxter (Chelsea).
Tristan Abrahams (Norwich City)
Alex Pattison (Middlesbrough)
Joshua Grant (Chelsea)
Alex Dobre (Bournemouth).

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