Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town's 2017-18 Company Accounts Show Profit After Double Cup Run
4 April 2019 : Yeovil Town's 2017-18 Company Accounts Show Profit After Double Cup Run
Yeovil Town Football Club's accounts for the 2017-18 season have been published. The documentation covers the period ending June 30th 2018, and is for the Yeovil Football and Athletic Club Limited company that acts as the original core business of Yeovil Town FC. This set of accounts covers a season that saw the Glovers stage an FA Cup Fourth Round home tie against Manchester United, as well as reaching the Semi-Finals of the EFL Trophy.

The overall accounts show an operating profit of 81,013 across the season. As a consequence this has reduced the club's accumulated profit and loss down to minus 945,969. The revised position saw the available cash in bank and in hand increase significantly from 125,252 to 398,105. However, clearly the club's staging of the lucrative tie against Manchester United provided an exceptional year. The accounts do not divulge the club's turnover figures, but former first team manager Darren Way claimed that this and the EFL Trophy cup run had brought in over a million pounds in what would have been unbudgeted revenue.

The 2017-18 figures would have also included the sale of Otis Khan to Mansfield Town, which squeezed in on June 29th 2018. Speculation at the time was that this was a 100,000 transfer fee, although officially it remained undisclosed. Mansfield may have negotiated to pay the fee in stages, so some of this value may only be realised in the 2018-19 accounts.

The accounts also reveal that Season Ticket revenue fell between the 2016-17 season and the reported 2017-18 season. During 2016-17, the club received 295,261 in revenue, but for 2017-18, this dropped to 270,849. This is reflected in the actual sales, with approximately 1,950 season ticket holders dropping to an official figure of 1,534 for the 2017-18 campaign. This income has fallen sharply over the last few years, with the 2016-17 season having seen 403,689 whilst the 2015-16 season saw the club receive 404,743 in revenue.

The recorded profit by the core football club is the second season in a row that a positive figure was published, with the 2016-17 accounts showing a figure of 28,350. However, that figure should be considered with extreme caution given that no football club is going to get a windfall of a Manchester United cup game every year - for the next set of accounts, we'd expect a far more challenging picture given the club went out of every cup competition at the first stage.

Link: 2016-17 Yeovil Town Football Club Accounts.

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