Ciderspace News Page : Marmon Not Planning Search For New Manager Until League Status Is Known
3 April 2019 : Marmon Not Planning Search For New Manager Until League Status Is Known
Yeovil Town Caretaker Manager Neale Marmon has said that the club will not begin their search for a new first team manager until the club's League status is confirmed. With the Glovers currently occupying a precarious 22nd place position in what is looking increasingly like a three-team battle with Macclesfield Town and Notts County, there are just six matches remaining of the 2018-19 season, and in line with previous briefings from the club, it seems highly likely that Marmon will be in charge of all of them.

The 57 year old plans to move into a permanent role at Huish Park as the club's Sporting Director, once Rob Couhig completes his purchase of the club, and has told BBC Somerset that he will be one of the key people who will select who the club's next first team manager will be. But he has said that the Glovers are not currently searching for a new manager, and will not do so until things are mathematically certain, because of the difference in the level of applicants they will be able to attract:

"I think that in my new position of Sporting Director next year, I'll obviously be in the role of selecting the manager for next year. We haven't even thought about it for the moment. We've got a load of applicants, but we'll worry about that when it comes around. The person that comes to the club will have to be either a League Two gaffer, or for the National League. Hopefully it will be League Two, and we're going for that, and then we'll have a big choice."

Marmon has also restated that the club are still awaiting a response from the Football League concerning the process that all clubs have to go through in the event of a change of Ownership, or the appointment of new Directors. The Fit and Proper Person's Test and Ownership Test will see Couhig and those he intends to co-opt onto a new Board vetted for any past financial or footballing transgressions, as well as allowing the League to inspect the forward looking business plan and funding model, to ensure that the new Owners are capable of fulfilling the club's contractual obligations.

The Caretaker manager said that they were still waiting on things, but also added that he was not in regular contact with Couhig, explaining that the potential owner was keeping a 'hands off' attitude to the football management since expressing an interest in the club:

"That was the situation when he took over, that he didn't want to get involved in the football side of things. Basically he'll be financially supporting the club, and making the new surroundings here. I wouldn't get involved in that side of things anyway, if it was the case that a new owner was telling me what to do. Everything has been handed into the EFL and we're just waiting for the return. That's it."

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