Ciderspace News Page : Marmon Wants To See More Clearcut Chances After Watching Newport Defeat
30 March 2019 : Marmon Wants To See More Clearcut Chances After Watching Newport Defeat
Yeovil Town Caretaker Manager Neal Marmon said that he felt his players didn't let themselves down today, but that they need goals if they are to get themselves out of relegation trouble. The Glovers lost 1-3 at home to Newport County, but had to rue a first half that they dominated, but failed to take advantage whilst the game was level. Once the Exiles took the lead, they began to dominate the match, with only a goal from Tom James threatening to haul the game back in Yeovil's favour.

Marmon told BBC Somerset after the match that the team's main problem was that they needed to take the responsibility to either get the ball into an attacking area, or to shoot on goal, but that whilst the scores were level they didn't do that enough for his liking:

"In our situation in the league, any boost of confidence from a goal can really help. I said at half time that someone could take the responsibility for putting the ball over the line. Just before the 1-0 we had two or three chances to put the ball into the box or to shoot at goal. We didn't do it, and they penalised us then about ten minutes later. I don't think the team let them down apart from the result today. So we need to work hard next week and try to get something from Swindon. I think the boys enjoyed it today, even though there heads are a bit down obviously. They just said to me when they came back to the dressing room that they really enjoyed the first half, and for the first 60 minutes."

Marmon said that he was happy with the team's approach play and passing for the majority of the match, explaining that his players wanted to get on the ball and pass their way up the pitch. But he admitted that the end problem was the number of clearcut chances, particularly in the second half. He said he wouldn't change the general approach of how they were plaaying though:

"I won't change it from what we did last week. We'll keep that going. I want players that want the ball. I implemented both 18 year olds today and I thought they did really well. But basically we need the goal to get us on our way properly. I thought the boys played really well today. They let the ball do the work and they weren't fearful. They tried to play football out from the back. Tom James had a fantastic game for me. But we didn't really create clearcut chances. In the first half we had a couple of half chances, and in the second half we didn't have the final ball at all, so we didn't have the shots on goal."

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