Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town's Prospective Ownership Attends Supporters Alliance Meeting
15 March 2019 : Yeovil Town's Prospective Ownership Attends Supporters Alliance Meeting
Representatives for Yeovil Town's prospective owner Rob Couhig attended this week's Supporters Alliance Group meeting at Huish Park. Along with potential CEO Mark Palmer, who has been acting as the club's advisor throughout the last 18 months, a new person in Peter Couhig was present at the March 14th meeting at Huish Park, which allowed all of the key supporters groups to air views about the club and listen to their plans.

Alliance Group Chairman Rich Rendell has welcomed their attendance at the meeting:

"As chairman of the Alliance group I would like to thank Mark and Peter for attending and spending time with us sharing thoughts on the future of Yeovil Town FC. The Supporters Alliance 100% supports them and looks forward to working together in the future. The club's motto is Achieve by Unity and we are excited to make this happen."

Convention for the Supporters Alliance Group is for the minutes of meetings to only be published just over a month after the actual meeting, with the minutes of each month's meeting approved and published after the following meeting. Thus the detail behind this March meeting will only be known in mid-April, as a result. However, it demonstrates that Rob Couhig's interest in the football club is still ongoing.

One interesting element is that Mark Palmer is described as being part of Feliciana EFL Limited, the holding company set up by Couhig to cover his prospective shareholding in the group. Couhig is set to appoint Palmer as his right hand man once the takeover is complete, but the the wording would imply that Palmer will either be employed by Feliciana, or that he will be part of the 'ownership' rather than an ordinary club employee of Yeovil Town FC.

The club's statement doesn't explain Peter Couhig's involvement, however we've been told that Peter is Rob's nephew, and will be involved in the ownership structure moving forward. He is listed as Vice President at Source Capital Corporation - a financial services company. He is also a co-founder of Live Music Establishment, LLC in Louisiana, who as the name suggests are a music club in Baton Rouge.

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