Ciderspace News Page : Rob Couhig's Strategic Vision and Thoughts On Darren Way And Matchday Experience
20 February 2019 : Rob Couhig's Strategic Vision and Thoughts On Darren Way And Matchday Experience
Yesterday saw Yeovil Town's prospective owner Rob Couhig conduct a series of interviews with the local media. In particular he spoke to BBC Points West and ITV West Country about his thoughts on his in-progress takeover. Both television broadcasts covered some similar topics, and so there is some crossover between the pair. However, the New Orleans attorney spoke about a number of topics, including his strategic vision, his views on current first team manager Darren Way and the matchday experience.

Rob Couhig's views on the following topics can be read in full below:

Why Did Rob Couhig Get Involved With Yeovil Town?

"We wanted a team where we could get in, that had a rich football tradition and had its own stadium, and had the potential with our sort of background and expertise to make it even better. Originally the deal was contingent on not being relegated, but we're making some changes so that we are coming in relatively soon, to try to help out." (BBC)

"I have an interest in English football as a good investment opportunity. I have experience in owning a minor league baseball team, that was one of the most successful in America in the minor leagues. I wanted to find an English Football League team that met a couple of criteria. One is it had to have its own stadium, secondly it had to have a historical fanbase that was capable of supporting the team. Thirdly, we were looking for a team that was in a little bit of trouble, so that we could bring in what we thought was our expertise, with fan management and fan experience to enhance it and make it a much better place." (ITV)

What Is His Strategy To Running A Football Club?

"My pockets will be less deep after buying the club than they are today! I'm not worried about that. I think it's a bad business model to say hey I've got all the oil money in a particular country, and I'm going to spend it buying players. What you want to do is like a house - you want to build a solid foundation. After that, you and I can argue about what kitchen appliances we can have." (BBC)

"Well we have two strategies. One on the pitch, I believe in written definitions as to the type of team that we're going to have, the type of players that we want, where our expectations are from the manager, and I'm going to work with Mark Palmer and one other person, to try to implement a defined strategic approach to it. Off the pitch, which is where I feel most comfortable, I'm going to make sure it's the most exciting experience that people go to in English football." (ITV)

What Are His Views On First Team Manager Darren Way?

"The first thing I did yesterday when I came over was to go and meet with him, and tell him that I have confidence that he can turn it around, and that he needs to do it. I think that he has studied a little bit about me and knows that I am going to be fully supportive of him but I have reasonable expectations, and that reasonable expectation is that we're going to start producing some wins." (BBC)

"I think Darren has come under a lot of criticism, as you would expect when you lose six games in a row. And the record wasn't particularly good prior to that, except for that tremendous start at the beginning of the season. He's had some issues of his making, and not of his making. Not of his making, is that you can't expect to lose your top four players, and be as good as you were before you lost those four. Darren is a very intense fellow; he is very knowledgeable about the game. I think that he is going to be able to work his way through this, and bring the team with him." (ITV)

What Are His Views On Matchday Experience?

"The place will be friendly; it will be clean. The food will be spectacular. The beer will be cold. The cider will be flowing. The sponsors will be thanked. The kids will get something when they walk in. Your wife will be delighted that you're going to the game, because you're going to go with her. It's going to be a bright friendly place, and there's going to be a lot of entertainment and everyone is going to have a good time at the game, regardless of the result." (BBC)

What Are His Ambitions For The Club?

"That's a reasonable question. I think that in the next five to seven years, there's certainly no reason why we shouldn't be be a high League One side in the table, knocking on the door for the Championship." (BBC)

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