Ciderspace News Page : Couhig Explains Background To Yeovil Town Bid
19 February 2019 : Couhig Explains Background To Yeovil Town Bid
Yeovil Town's prospective owner Rob Couhig has explained the background to what led him to bid for the club. The New Orleans lawyer is close to completing a takeover from current owner Norman Hayward, having agreed commercial terms. in principle. The 69 year old has explained that he had already looked at a number of English League clubs a few years ago, but had backed out of offering anything for them at that time, and so had dropped his interest in the possibility.

However, he explained that he had maintained contact with football advisor Mark Palmer during that time, and Couhig was persuaded to return for a game in September 2018 at Huish Park, and he explained to BBC Somerset that his interest in buying Yeovil Town has been growing from there:

"We've been having a look at possibly investing in English football from about three years ago. To me you needed to have a combination of things. One a good history of football and secondly a great opportunity to build something, and thirdly that it had to have the right facilities. We came over two years ago, met Mark (Palmer) for the first time, and went to three or four other places, and backed out of the market, because we didn't see anything that was attractive. Missy (Couhig, his wife) came over in September and went to a game. I was assured that it was going to be warm, and you may not remember this but it was the coldest match I've ever been to. But we loved the town; I liked the facility and I liked John and Norman, and they were quality people. The team seemed to me to be one that had potential to do well. And mostly I liked the development potential of the whole thing."

Couhig gave his view on how far the takeover had gone, explaining that the lawyers still had to some due diligence to perform on the overall commercial agreement, but at that point the Football League would be asked to approve his takeover. He expected the whole course of events to take up to a month:

"We have completed our agreements, that is with the present owner of the shares and me. We're waiting for the lawyers to finish the due diligence, and for the League to approve it. That could be anywhere between two weeks and a month. But you always get nervous when you're almost there, until you're there. I am excited as I was on day one about the potential of this club. The community is so invested in the football team, it's obvious whether you take a cab, or you go out to dinner or whatever. And the team itself - I like the team."

It has also been explained why Mark Palmer has been a near-constant figure at the club, particularly on matchdays. Having been Norman Hayward's football advisor in the lead-up to this deal, he will now 'switch sides' and become Couhig's Chief Executive under the new set-up.

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