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9 February 2019 : Officials For Yeovil Town vs Grimsby Town
Officials for the League Two match between Yeovil Town and Grimsby Town have been published by the Football League. The match takes place on Saturday 9th February 2019, with a 3.00p.m. kick-off at Huish Park. The man in charge of the fixture will be referee Charles Breakspear (Surrey).

He was promoted in the summer of 2013 onto the Football League referees list at the age of just 24 years old. However, as it was his first season at the new level and we were in the Championship it took until the 2014-15 campaign when we met twice at League One level. The first was the September 2014 match against Crawley Town at the Broadfield Stadium. There he had a fairly quiet game, with just one booking, whilst Crawley's two second half goals that gave them a 2-0 win were more down to uncertain defending than dodgy refereeing.

We then had him for the home match against Walsall, which turned into a lively Tuesday night match from a referee's point of view. He managed to award a penalty to both sides - both decisions probably correct - but with both failing to hit the back of the net, with goalkeepers coming out on top, with Scott Loach our hero for the Walsall spot kick, whilst Adam Morgan had his saved. The referee was also put under the spotlight when Stephen Kingsley was stretchered off with a fractured cheekbone after a rather physical challenge by Tom Bradshaw - a lengthy chat with his assistant presumably concluded that neither he nor Mr Breakspear had seen the incident. On top of that, the referee booked six players - three each way - and there was just the feeling that he was a bit too involved in the game. Manager Terry Skiverton certainly took that line, feeling that the Kingsley incident had affected the referee's judgement saying "after that, the referee seemed to take a bit of a backtrack, and I think he lost the game ... I just felt that they all seemed to lose the plot within the game."

We had him three times during the 2015-16 season. The first was an October 2015 home match against Mansfield Town. This game had an extraordinary end to it, with the Stags scoring their goal 99 minutes and 41 seconds into the match. Whilst this was deep into injury time, there was some justification for it as lengthy injuries to Artur Krysiak and Stephen Arthurworrey had resulted in several second half delays, although we had gone marginally beyond the signalled nine minutes and suspect the free kick that Reggie Lambe scored from would have been the final action of the game. Otherwise, the referee had a fairly decent game. After that, he was present for the Boxing Day match against Plymouth Argyle. We lost 1-0, and he booked five players across both teams, but we don't recall any hackles being raised.

The final match of the trio came at the tail end of the 2015-16 campaign. He took charge of the 1-1 draw against Northampton Town which on the whole was a decent game. However, we felt the longer the game went on, the more the referee seemed to be getting wrapped up in the match, rather than taking charge of it. Three bookings in the final five minutes looked over the top within the context of the rest of the match where he'd adopted a very lenient approach to it all.

We had him twice during the 2016-17 season - the first was in September 2016, when he took charge of the 1-2 home defeat against Hartlepool United. This game was frustrating on many levels, notably in that the visitors had clearly come to Huish Park with plans to timewaste. Mr Breakspear did book their goalkeeper Trevor Carson for multiple infringements, and also added on additional time to reflect what Pools had been doing. However, it did rather grate that Hartlepool got their winning goal during the time added on for some of the timewasting. Technically correct, but it felt a bit morally unjust. In fairness to him, we didn't play well during the second period, and the match was slowly eroding from our grasp.

We had him twice during the 2017-18 season, the first of which was in January 2018. He was a late replacement for the published match referee against Grimsby Town but wasted no time in getting involved in the game. He sent off Grimsby's Mitch Rose for a 6th minute foul and then followed that up by sending off Karleigh Osborne for a second bookable offence. Osborne's first booking came for fighting with his own teammate, and there lies the problem - the visitors were frustrated and ill-disciplined right from the start, and although the dismissals clearly had an effect on the 3-0 outcome, it was hard to see what the referee could have done.

In April 2018 came the 2-3 defeat against Mansfield Town at Huish Park that rounded off our home fixtures that season. What could have been a fairly quiet game from our point of view, saw seven yellow cards displayed, and an eighth that unfortunately meant that Omar Sowunmi got sent off. In fairness to the referee, Omar had committed a foul that led to Mansfield's winning goal from Lee Angol, then got booked for fouling the same player. When he committed a third foul, he was given a final warning, but went on and committed another foul on Angol again and so left the pitch. In addition to all the bookings, Mr Breakspear awarded two penalties - one for each side. We thought both were very dodgy, with one decision being given as a handball after a Mansfield free kick was blasted into the middle of the Yeovil wall - even by scrutinising the match video we couldn't work out which player in the Yeovil wall he was penalising, and the lack of a yellow card implied that the referee wasn't too sure either.

The most recent meeting came in December 2018, and this was one of his more low key showings. The game was also one devoid of serious action, with a 0-0 draw against Tranmere Rovers the outcome, and perhaps that stopped him getting too excitable. Ultimately we had one booking for each side, and a quiet end to the year 2018.

He has a reputation for being very top heavy with the number of bookings - so far this season he's managed 105 cautions and 11 dismissals across 33 matches. Last season he got his way through 163 yellow cards and 18 red cards through the 47 games he took charge of. If you think Trevor Kettle is a busy man, then his eye puts him in the shade!

Mr Breakspear will be assisted by Christopher Wade (Hampshire) and Justin Amey (Dorset). The Fourth Official will be Samuel Ogles (Hampshire).

Link: September 2014 : Crawley Town 2 Yeovil Town 0.

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Link: January 2018 : Yeovil Town 3 Grimsby Town 0.

Link: April 2018 : Yeovil Town 2 Mansfield Town 3.

Link: December 2018 : Tranmere Rovers 0 Yeovil Town 0.

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