Ciderspace News Page : FA Confirm Tom James Suspension
7 February 2019 : FA Confirm Tom James Suspension
The Football Association have confirmed the length of ban that Yeovil Town defender Tom James will serve, on the assumption that the club will not launch a successful appeal against the suspension. The 22 year old will serve a four match ban, made up of three games for what is deemed as Serious Foul Play following his tackle on Alex Addai during Tuesday night's League Two match against Cheltenham Town. He will also serve an additional game on top of that, as this is his second red card of the season, having been dismissed in the opening day fixture against Bury during August 2018.

James is currently scheduled to miss all remaining February fixtures, covering Saturday's home game against Grimsby Town, followed by the away trips to Oldham Athletic and Forest Green Rovers along with the home match against Cambridge United. Assuming there are no postponements in that quartet, he would next play on March 2nd, for the home game against Morecambe.

If the club has chosen to follow through with Darren Way's post-match statement that he would be appealing against the red card, then they would have to have done so by 1.00p.m. on the Wednesday - hence it should already be in situ, assuming that is the case.

In terms of the punishment that manager Darren Way may face for his red card, in the aftermath of the James dismissal, that is unlikely to be known prior to Saturday's match against Grimsby Town, and so he should be in the dugout for that match. The system covering the introduction of yellow and red cards for Technical Area staff was only introduced this season, and so the exact punishment for dismissals is a little sketchy, but appears to follow the process for 'non-standard' incidents such as mass confrontations, tunnel incidents and media comments. The FA rules also refer to 'technical area misconduct' under this category.

The process is likely to involve Way receiving a separate FA Charge under Rule E3(1) (covering General Behaviour, including abusive or insulting words or behaviour). When Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams and Southend United boss Chris Powell were both sent off during their August 11th League One match, both were the subject of separate FA charges.

Powell accepted the charge, and was given an immediate one match touchline ban, effective from August 22nd. Adams denied the charge but was subsequently found guilty of the charge. He was given a two match touchline ban, which was effective from August 29th, meaning that the two managerial bans were more driven by the disciplinary process, rather than by a fixed schedule. Powell was fined 1,250, with Adams being fined 1,500. Although it was not explicit, it would seem likely that Powell's early 'guilty' plea will have seen him get a slightly lower punishment. The main thing to note however, is that it took 11 days, and 18 days respectively for their cases to be processed, meaning that even if Way is charged he is likely to get through at least the next two matches in the dugout.

UPDATE: Yeovil Town have now confirmed that they will NOT be appealing against Tuesday night's dismissal, concerning Tom James. The four match suspension will therefore stand.

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