Ciderspace News Page : Saturday's BBC Local Radio Feature On The Club's Prospective Takeover
5 February 2019 : Saturday's BBC Local Radio Feature On The Club's Prospective Takeover
Whilst Yeovil Town supporters are currently waiting to see if the club's current takeover bid can reach fruition, BBC local radio have been discussing how that might affect the club. On Saturday, prior to the League Two match against Stevenage, Saturday Sport presenter Richard Hoskin and regular BBC Somerset commentator Chris Spittles had a pre-match chat live on air about how the takeover is progressing and where it might take the club.

Whilst little is officially known, other than the club's brief statement last Wednesday, if you missed the broadcast on Saturday's radio coverage, you can read what was said below:

RH: What more, if anything, can you add since Tuesday?

CS: We're still going through the process with the Football League and with the Football Association, exactly as I said. It's an American Investor that is interested. I understand the finances have been sorted between this investor and Norman Hayward, Yeovil Town's majority shareholder, and it's just a wait-and-see. There's no alarm because you look at other takeovers that have happened at other clubs, and they do now have to go through this Fit and Proper Persons Test. They have to look into the investor's background, their finances, and they have to make sure they are the type of person they want running and owning a football club in the Football League.

RH: I noticed that Yeovil fans on Twitter Town in particular have a few questions still. How much money would this investor have, and how owns the land around Huish Park should the takeover happen?

CS: Yes, well they're both very interesting questions. First of all, I understand that the investor coming in to make sure that Yeovil Town have a competitive squad in League Two, and hopefully long term can get them back up into League One. I think if we're honest, if Yeovil Town are competing in League One, that's a very good standard for a club of their size. The one season in the Championship really was amazing, but I don't think you can expect Yeovil to regularly be there. So in terms of finances, I'm led to believe that he thinks he's got enough money. What is enough money in football these days? The land issue is so complicated, and only really one person can answer that, and that is Norman Hayward. He's the man that has to part with the shares in the football club. He also owns the Holding Company, and we need to ask those questions to the new investor once he comes in. I wouldn't rule out that Norman Hayward might retain a slice of any future profit should the land around the ground be developed. I wouldn't imagine that it would be a big slice, but let's be honest that is still a long long time away. The covenants and all the legal wrangles tied up in the land is a question massively for in the future, and I'm not even sure we'll get a straight answer once the new investor does take over.

RH: Now it's easy to criticise, and boy have we criticised Yeovil this season, but it was a very good transfer window at Huish Park, wasn't it?

CS: Yes, they've given it a go. Mark Palmer, the club advisor, is working with Darren Way, and with Neal Marmon, the new coach, as well. And the new investor has been involved, and I think we were all surprised at the number of players that Yeovil have brought in. They've realised the problem. Darren Way and all of us know the problem - Yeovil Town are not scoring enough goals. So to bring in three strikers this week, and they've also signed Alex Dobre, who looks a talent going forward. They've really gone for it. They've done everything that they can squad-wise and player recruitment-wise, to try to make sure they stay in League Two, to make sure they maintain their Football League status. Now these players have got to go and do the business on the pitch.

RH: I think they've got 24 contracted players, so not everyone is going to be happy and not everyone is going to get a game.

CS: No, as I was driving here, I was trying to work out who the players would be who would get left out. Well Alefe Santos and Francois Zoko are the two fit players who are here today and not involved in the eighteen. So immediate question marks over them. Josh Grant, Gary Warren and Alex Pattison are all injured. They are players who will come into the mix of course. Omar Sowunmi should be back within the month as well. So you're absolutely right, we'll find out which players Darren Way really wants to retain and keep. At the moment Francois Zoko out of contract in the summer, and likewise Alefe Santos, it's a long way back for them when they can't even make the eighteen man squad on a matchday.

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