Ciderspace News Page : Football League Launch Lengthy 2018-19 Supporters Survey
29 January 2019 : Football League Launch Lengthy 2018-19 Supporters Survey
The Football League have launched a large survey to gauge the mood of their supporters across their 72 clubs. The surveys have been used to provide the League and their individual clubs with viewpoints on how well their specified club is doing in terms of its relationship with its fanbase, as well as their attendance at home and away fixtures, and other related topics such as television broadcasts and online streaming platforms and how that affects either attendance at matches, or engagement with that club.

This is a rather long survey - our experience was that it took a fairly solid 30 minutes to complete, although you can leave your screen open halfway through if you get interrupted. Note that at certain times, the form software has produced an error, preventing you from being able to start the survey, whilst one or two people have been bombed out partway through, which is a frustrating experience given the length of it! Hence you might want to choose a quiet part of the day rather than peak times like lunch hours or early evening.

There is also an opportunity to have your name/email address put forward for a prize to win tickets for a key Football League fixture. The survey can be filled in anonymously, but obviously at that point you can't enter the prizes. The data entered on the survey will be seen by both the Football League, and by your chosen football club.

Link: 2018-19 Season Football League Survey.

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