Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town Respond To Supporters Alliance Group's 'Supposed Minutes'
2 January 2019 : Yeovil Town Respond To Supporters Alliance Group's 'Supposed Minutes'
Yeovil Town have responded to the minutes issued by the Supporters Alliance Group, relating to the meeting that was held at Huish Park on December 10th. The meeting minutes related to a forum that included Chairman John Fry and manager Darren Way and had been published by the Alliance Group Chairman Rich Rendell, supported explicitly by the Green and Whites Supporters Club and the Glovers Trust as supporters groups that had been present at the meeting. The preface to the minutes made clear that the club had a 'few issues' with the minutes, with the inference that they had been unable to reach agreement with the Football Club over the meeting.

The club have now nine days later issued their own response the views of the supporters groups present at the meeting. Referring to them as 'supposed minutes', the club claim that "it was not intended that the meeting should be formally minuted" and states that there are a "number of inaccuracies" in what was published by the Supporters Alliance.

Yeovil Town's response is to suggest that some of what was published was 'out of context' explaining:

"Regrettably, the Alliance felt unable to agree the proposed publication with the club and certain comments were included out of context giving entirely the wrong impression. The club rejects any implication in the notes that either the Manager or Chairman were dismissive of fans views and several of the statements attributed to them in the notes are wrong."

The club do not attempt to address any of the points made in the minutes, nor explain exactly which parts of the published document were wrong, adding that it has no further comment to make on the subject:

"The Club has no further comments to make on this subject except to say that it wishes to continue to have open and transparent discussion with the Alliance and to agree appropriate minuted updates on important matters for publication to the wider fan base and stresses its respect for all YTFC supporters."

The club instead refer to an interview that Chairman John Fry gave to the Western Gazette just before Christmas as containing their own viewpoint. Ironically, several aspects of that interview have been challenged by supporters, or factchecked as clearly inaccurate since that article's publication.

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