Ciderspace News Page : Season Ticket Sales Hold Steady For 2018-19 Season
18 December 2018 : Season Ticket Sales Hold Steady For 2018-19 Season
Yeovil Town have confirmed their Season Ticket sales for the 2018-19 season. The Glovers sold 1,518 tickets to fans for the current campaign - an ultra-small drop-off of 16 tickets against the 2017-18 figures, and suggesting a levelling off from the sharp drop that had been experienced during the summer of 2017, when the club lost almost a quarter of its season ticket holders.

The latest sales figures have been confirmed via the club's Supporters Alliance Group meeting, and are roughly consistent with the overall attendances at Huish Park during the 2018-19 season. Currently, the Glovers are averaging crowds of 2,950 for this season, compared with 2,941 as an average for the 2017-18 season, with both averages being almost identical. That should be tempered slighly in that the home matches against Exeter City and Swindon Town have already taken place, and are likely to represent the biggest gates of the season.

This season has seen the club set a new record low Football League crowd, with 2,174 attending the midweek match against Port Vale in November, which beat last season's 2,205 against Morecambe in September 2017. At present, the club has only one midweek home fixture scheduled for the second half of the season, and given that is against League Two leaders Lincoln City, that won't threaten that figure. Hence unless one of the club's remaining weekend gates causes an unexpected surprise, that low point should hold for this season.

Historical figures and trends since the club entered the Football League, are as follows:

Yeovil Town Season Ticket Sales Statistics:
2003-04 Season : 3,000
2004-05 Season : 3,220
2005-06 Season : 3,600
2006-07 Season : 2,800
2007-08 Season : 2,900
2008-09 Season : 2,260
2009-10 Season : 2,100
2010-11 Season : 2,100
2011-12 Season : 2,014
2012-13 Season : 1,975
2013-14 Season : 2,767
2014-15 Season : 2,749
2015-16 Season : 2,296
2016-17 Season : 1,950
2017-18 Season : 1,534
2018-19 Season : 1,518

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