Ciderspace News Page : Way Confirms Terry Moves Up One Place In The Dugout On Saturday
14 December 2018 : Way Confirms Terry Moves Up One Place In The Dugout On Saturday
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way has confirmed that former Glovers midfielder Paul Terry will be acting as his assistant manager in the dugout for Saturday's League Two match against Cambridge United. The news isn't a particular surprise - the 39 year old returned to Somerset in the summer of 2018, having held a first team coaching role at Oldham Athletic last season, and now moves up one rung on an interim basis.

Terry's temporary change to his role comes in the wake of the departure of assistant manager Terry Skiverton, who decided to leave Yeovil Town after a 19 year unbroken spell at the club, including almost ten years in various coaching and management positions. Way has told BBC Somerset that he doesn't see the absence of Skiverton as a specific problem, because of the presence of Terry and Steve Phillips, who has been the club's goalkeeper-coach since September 2017:

"Obviously I've got Paul Terry, and Paul is going to assist me tomorrow. I've got Steve Phillips, my goalkeeper coach. I've worked with just myself and Terry (Skiverton) over a number of years now. So for me to have Paul (Terry) next to me, it's another game."

Way has also denied that Skiverton's departure from the club was anything to do with the Glovers' current run of poor results, although didn't elaborate further as to what his former assistant's thinking might have been. He acknowledged that there would be speculation over Skivo's departure, but asked for respect in that situation, giving his view that it wasn't due to the recent run of defeats:

"No, it's what people want to make of it. You can put two and two together, and I think the word that I would be looking for is perhaps respect in all of this. As I've said to you, we've all got decisions to make in our life, and I totally accept Terry's position. But as I've said, I get my friend back."

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