Ciderspace News Page : Way Wanting More Disagreements In The Dressing Room
24 November 2018 : Way Wanting More Disagreements In The Dressing Room
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way has said that he wants to see his players dislike each other a little bit more often on occasions around the club. The perhaps surprising admission comes because he feels that players want to be liked too much, and so are afraid to rock the boat when it is needed, as mistakes are made or the wrong decisions followed through.

As such, Way wants to see fewer 'yes men' and more players speaking out. Speaking to BBC Somerset this week he feels there is a tendency for younger players to not vocalise their feelings:

"Certainly with the younger players, everyone wants to be liked. All of the successful dressing rooms that I have been in, we disliked each other at times. It's not good that everyone looks for a thumbs up nowadays. Just by having an uncomfortable conversation between each other, you may not like it at that time, but it creates winning teams. Sometimes being open and honest, because we have got the youngest team in the top four divisions, with our experienced players not playing, some have been a little bit more forceful than others, and demanding from each other. That's the only way you are going to improve. That's the same for every team up and down the country."

Way himself has been the subject of much contention and debate, after the Yeovil Town Board rewarded him with a contract extension until June 2021, despite the club's last result being a shock FA cup defeat against Stockport County, coupled with a slip in League form. The Glovers boss acknowledges that views will be mixed:

"Well I know everyone's reaction will probably be mixed emotions now, because supporters want success and instant success, just as much as what I do. But we also have to look at the financial position that the club has been in. We've got the youngest team in all the top four divisions. We're all disappointed with the exit of the FA cup but as far as should that damage our shared vision, I am glad they have decided to go with the future".

One decision that Way will need to make today is which goalkeeper to select for the trip to Macclesfield Town. Whilst Chelsea loanee Nathan Baxter has been the mainstay in the side this season, permanent keeper Stuart Nelson has been fully fit for the last six games. There has been media speculation that with Baxter having committed an error for the third goal in the Stockport defeat, now might be the time that Way makes the switchover. Way says that having two keepers competing is the way it should be:

"That's what should happen at every other football club. I have just been a little bit unfortunate that I have not had it this year. Nathan is strong enough to be able to deal with that competition. I think Nathan is strong enough to deal with team selection. From the moment I met him in the office, he is probably one of the best 19 year olds, as far as personality and character that I have ever met".

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24/11/2018 : Way Wanting More Disagreements In The Dressing Room

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