Ciderspace News Page : Way Sees Under-Achieving Players At Heart Of Morecambe Defeat
3 November 2018 : Way Sees Under-Achieving Players At Heart Of Morecambe Defeat
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way felt that not all of his players were firing on all cylinders during the opening 60 minutes of Yeovil Town's 2-1 defeat against Morecambe at the Globe Arena. The Glovers were made to pay for a slow start to the game, as goals from former Glover AJ Leitch-Smith and an early second half strike from Rhys Oates put their Lancashire hosts in command of the match. A 68th minute goal from Scunthorpe United loanee Olufela Olomola ensured that the final segment of the game was one dominated by Yeovil, but Morecambe were able to hang on to their earlier advantage and win the game.

Way admitted that giving the opposition their opening goals had cost them any points today. Whilst he didn't name the players involved, he suggested that a couple of those that started the game were guilty of 'under-achieving' on the day, adding that individuals had made mistakes that had cost them the game. Way said that the failure to keep a clean sheet had been a key part of what unfolded:

"They couldn't find the equaliser. We've had some honest discussions in the dressing room. I feel that's a game that if we're at the level that I want the team to be at, we should be winning. I was disappointed with the two goals, as they were very very costly. I feel it takes eleven players to come to Morecambe and win a game on spirit and determination, and we've certainly seen that in the second half. We have to make sure with the players, and I feel there are one or two players that under-achieved today, that they take responsibility for their performance, because that can't happen again. Normally that's down to individuals making mistakes. When we keep clean sheets, quite clearly with the way that we finish games, we win games."

During the closing stages of the second period, Morecambe adopted a rearguard action, defending what was by then a single goal advantage. Despite a couple of ambitious Tom James free kicks, and a late Omari Patrick effort that struck the post, the Glovers couldn't get an equaliser. Way said that the introduction of Middlesbrough midfielder Alex Pattison as a 50th minute substitute had helped change the path of the game, but he wasn't prepared to suggest his side were unlucky with the outcome because of what had happened before that point:

"We've had a lot of chances, and I could stand here now and say we're unlucky. But that's not my style. That's not what I demand from them. I think there must have been 17 shots in the last 30 minutes of the game. I don't think I've seen such a one sided game since I've been at Yeovil, and we've won a game 6-0. But it's never been camped in one half of the pitch, with so many chances like that. I want the players to demand from other players, that feel that they're not at that level. When Alex Pattison came on during the second half, he dominated and quite clearly that's the difference."

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