Ciderspace News Page : Final Deadline For Glovers Trust Board Positions
14 September 2018 : Final Deadline For Glovers Trust Board Positions
Today represents the final deadline for Glovers Trust members to put themselves forward for election onto the Trust Board. As part of the Trust annual election process (published here), members have until the end of Friday 14th September 2018 to nominate themselves for the position, and therefore to have themselves included in the list of candidates that members can vote for.

If you want to nominate yourself, you need to be a valid Trust member, and be nominated by two other Trust members. There is a form that needs to be filled in that can be downloaded here. If you have not yet renewed your membership, or wish to join as a new member, then you can do so by heading here. This is important for ordinary members who wish to cast votes as part of the election process, or at the Trust AGM. As the voting process will commence in a week's time, ordinary members should ensure they have renewed by then.

For full details on the election process and the Trust AGM, head to this earlier article. For any additional information that is required, email

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