Ciderspace News Page : Management Teams To Be Given Yellow And Red Cards For Technical Area Breaches
31 July 2018 : Management Teams To Be Given Yellow And Red Cards For Technical Area Breaches
The Football Association have introduced new sanctions for misconduct that is committed inside the managerial technical areas during matches. Up until this season, referees only had two options available for misbehaving management and coaching staff - either a general finger-wagging, or the power to send them to the stands for the remainder of the game. In the latter case, it would require the Referee's Report to identify any misconduct committed, and then for the FA to act upon it as a separate disciplinary procedure.

The new rules, which take immediate effect, will cover the Premier League, Football League, FA Cup (from the First Round Proper onwards), EFL Cup, EFL Trophy and National League. In the event of technical area misconduct, Managers can be issued with yellow and red cards during matches - in the Premier League this will be done merely as a verbal instruction, rather than by the raising of a card. Cards will be issued in the event of a 'Stage 1 Warning' (effectively a caution) with the following listed as scenarios that match officials may clamp down on:

1. Inappropriate language and/or gestures towards match officials that are an obvious show of dissent or an attempt to influence decisions.
2. Kicking or throwing of water bottles, coats or other similar objects as an obvious show of dissent
3. Sarcastic clapping or similar gestures
4. Waving imaginary yellow/red cards

Individuals issued with Stage 1 Warnings will be named in the referees report, including details of the caution. The FA will introduce automatic suspension rules that will kick in for accumulation of such Warnings throughout the season. Individuals that accumulate Warnings will receive a one match suspension after four warnings, a two match suspension after eight warnings and a three match suspension after twelve warnings. Any individuals that gain sixteen warning during a single season will be hit with an FA Misconduct Charge, with a Regulatory Commission determining the level of punishment.

Although the rules will generally apply to First Team Managers, the FA have left them open enough to apply to any individual occupying the Technical Area, and thus could apply to coaches, physios and other staff named on the teamsheet.

The FA don't make it clear, but given they mention Red cards, it can probably be assumed that if an individual is given two Stage 1 Warnings during a single game, that he will be dismissed from the Technical Area.

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