Ciderspace News Page : Darren Way Praises 'Terrific' First Half Swansea Performance
12 July 2018 : Darren Way Praises 'Terrific' First Half Swansea Performance
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way praised his players for a 'terrific' first half against Swansea City, despite his side ultimately falling to a 1-2 defeat in their first pre-season friendly. The Tuesday evening fixture saw the Glovers spend much of the match in the lead, after Jordan Green's 25th minute goal that was scored whilst the club had ten contracted players and one trialist on the pitch.

Way told the Western Gazette that he felt the 45 minute period showed what his side had been doing on the training ground and had particular praise for goalscorer Jordan Green's overall performance:

"I played a lot of trialists in the second half, so that's not really much to go on. But the first-half performance was terrific. We've tried to put a strategy in place and when you put a strategy in place you're looking to see it. I thought there were large spells of the game where you could see what we've worked on on the training ground. For me, it was the individual performances. (Jordan) Green - you wouldn't be able to tell whether he was a Swansea player or a Yeovil player. That's really pleasing to see, up against fantastic opposition that's just come out of the Premier League. I was really pleased we passed the ball and when we got back behind the ball we blocked, we tackled and they’re the things you look for to be successful."

The second half ultimately saw all eleven of the first half players replaced, with goalkeeper Stuart Nelson the only one to be given more than 45 minutes. Six trialists were joined by three contracted players, with one player from the Under-18s, and right-back Dan Alfei, who is still training with the club following his release, joining those numbers. Way felt that the trialists had struggled to understand what they needed to be doing, and admitted the trialist goalkeeper could have done better with the winning 90th minute goal:

"I was disappointed with the second goal. I thought we could have done better from a goalkeeper point of view but he's come in, he's on trial, we're having a look at him and we'll have to wait and see what develops. I thought we didn't deserve that. I thought the team put in a fantastic effort. Non-stop running and if we keep building on that we'll be very successful. None of the trialists were familiar to what we do. It's important we just look at them in the game. That was the difference with the first half to the second half. In the first half, you could see what we worked on in the training ground."

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