Ciderspace News Page : 2018-19 FA Cup Prize Fund Sees Potential Windfalls Doubled
9 July 2018 : 2018-19 FA Cup Prize Fund Sees Potential Windfalls Doubled
Recently, the Football Association announced that it was increasing the amount of money available to those competing in the 2018-19 FA Cup. With the Prize Fund having stayed static for a decade, this is a significant change in what will be available to those who win matches during the competition, and is in addition to any gate receipts or television revenue they may make during ties.

In most cases the amount each club will gain is doubled - for example for the last ten years or so, First Round winners would have earned 18,000 through the Prize Fund, but that will now be 36,000, meaning the amount that Football League sides can make out of the competition increases quite significantly.

Each club that wins through the FA Cup Rounds will receive the following sums, as part of the competition prize pool:

Extra Preliminary Round winners : (184 clubs) 2,250
Extra Preliminary Round losers : (184 clubs) 750
Preliminary Round winners : (160 clubs) 2,890
Preliminary Round losers : (160 clubs) 960
First Qualifying Round winners : (116 clubs) 6,000
Second Qualifying Round winners : (80 clubs) 9,000
Third Qualifying Round winners : (40 clubs) 15,000
Fourth Qualifying Round winners : (32 clubs) 25,000

First Round Proper winners : (40 clubs) 36,000 (League One and League Two clubs enter competition)
Second Round Proper winners : (20 clubs) 54,000
Third Round Proper winners : (32 clubs) 135,000
Fourth Round Proper winners : (16 clubs) 180,000
Fifth Round Proper winners : (8 clubs) 360,000
Sixth Round Proper winners : (4 clubs) 720,000
Semi-Final winners : (2 clubs) 180,000
Semi-Final losers : (2 clubs) 900,000
Final runners-up : (1 club) 180,000
Final winners : (1 club) 3,600,000

Amounts are accumulative per club for each round that they win - i.e. a club winning a First Round match and a Second Round match would receive 36,000 + 54,000 as part of their run.

There are additional sums given out to those clubs who take part in televised ties, regardless of whether they win or lose the tie.

Link: 2018-19 Season Key Dates.

Link: 2018-19 Yeovil Town First Team Fixtures.

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