Ciderspace News Page : Tom James Linked With Two Championship Clubs
5 July 2018 : Tom James Linked With Two Championship Clubs
It's been a while, but the Tom James rumours are back. In a saga that has been carrying on since March 2018, the former Cardiff City defender has been names by a multitude of media outlets, connecting him with clubs from all over the UK, but without anything reaching the point at which there appeared to be anything concrete in them. Now nearly four months down the line, Sky Sports are claiming that Championship sides Swansea City and Hull City are after his services, claiming that they have 'made inquiries' about his availability.

As has become the trend with these reports, there are no quotes or sources provided, nor any expectations made in terms of whether an actual bid might be tabled. Swansea City's name has been on that rumourmill list since the very start of this, with the likes of AFC Bournemouth, Celtic, Aston Villa, Brentford and Bristol City listed as holding an interest.

The name of Hull City brings the total number of 'interested' clubs to seven. Tom James remains under contract at Huish Park until the summer of 2019. He was the club's main Player of the Season winner for the 2017-18 campaign, and so that may have brought some interest from outside the club. However, unlike Omar Sowunmi, who is out of contract, the club are under no obligation to sell.

The Sky Sports reports claims that Swansea would need to move some of their current defenders out of the building in order to afford James, but they suggest that Hull would use him as an immediate back-up to Eric Lichaj.

As always, treat these reports with a little pinch of salt. In the case of Otis Khan, although he left the club last week, the name of Mansfield Town only turned up on the radar a couple of days before he left Huish Park, with the nine other clubs named as holding an interest not part of the final discussions.

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