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17 June 2018 : Taff's Gloversblog : The Two That Got Away
In terms of player movement at Yeovil Town, this may rank as one of the quietest summer breaks the club has had. There have been a couple of transfers that have had Glovers connections down at the Youth end of the market, with a Premier League club and a Championship club taking on players. The latest Taff's Gloversblog looks at the cases of Academy player Joe Tomlinson and Exeter City defender Jordan Storey and how the club need to deal with the reasons why those players did not result in a benefit to the Glovers. Read on via the link below and feel free to add your own views.

Link: Taff's Gloversblog : The Two That Got Away.

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17/06/2018 : Taff's Gloversblog : The Two That Got Away

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