Ciderspace News Page : Extra Time Could Be Scrapped In League Cup
8 June 2018 : Extra Time Could Be Scrapped In League Cup
This weekend's Football League AGM is expected to discuss proposals to scrap extra time during the 2018-19 League Cup competition. The current format is for matches to be settled on the night, but for games to be played using an additional 30 minutes extra time, followed by penalty kicks if the scores are still level after 90 minutes.

The League's proposal stems from complaints from players that they are suffering from 'fatigue' from having to play the full 120 minutes. On the table is therefore a vote to consider bringing it into line with the Football League Trophy, which sees teams go straight to penalty kicks if the scores are level on 90 minutes. This is with the exception of the Final, where extra time is allowed.

On a related note, the League will also vote on what to do with the penalty kicks system. Last season, the League introduced a new ABBA system, which saw teams take penalty kicks in pairs, in a similar pattern to a tennis tie break. This replaced the long-established ABAB system which saw penalty kicks alternate on a one-by-one basis. The ABBA system had been introduced on a one season trial, and so League clubs will now vote on what steps to take next, which could include adopting the ABBA format on a permanent basis or reverting to the original ABAB format.

The other items that are expected to be discussed include a vote on whether the production of physical matchday programmes should be mandatory for clubs. Back in April 2018, the League said they'd been approached by several clubs asking for programme production to be optional and therefore a commercial decision by individual clubs. As yet, we've not seen any clubs state that they would withdraw programme production in the event of a rule change. The League have said that they would continue to produce programmes for their Cup Finals and Play-Off Finals.

There is also expected to be the formal introduction of a 'developed player' rule for the 2018-19 season. This was originally discussed by clubs in April 2017 and will require clubs to name at least one player on their teamsheet that has been developed by their own Academy/Youth system, with that player needing to have been on the club's books for at least one season leading up to Under-19 level. This is a rule that would significantly affect Yeovil Town, given that clubs that cannot name such a player are expected to be rationed to only six substitutes. At present, having released all second year scholars there are no players that would qualify under that definition.

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