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25 May 2018 : 2017-18 Season EFL Attendance Analysis
The Football League have published their attendance statistics for the 2017-18 season. Although there has been a tiny drop in crowds compared to last season, they are still at a generational high, with 18,099,894 coming through the turnstiles across the 72 EFL clubs. This is only the second time that crowds have exceeded the 18 million barrier since the 1950s, with last season's providing the record figure across nearly a 60 year period. The aggregate attendance stands as the 15th highest since the end of the Second World War, with the vast majority of those above it lying between 1948 and 1959.

One of the main factors in the small drop from last season is due to Newcastle United climbing up into the Premier League again, although that is counteracted by the overall position amongst Championship clubs seeing a rise of 210,000 to over 11.3 million across all 552 matches. Once the five clubs that entered/exited the Football League (via the Premier League or National League) are excluded, the 67 remaining clubs recorded a 4 percent increase. Chief Executive Shaun Harvey was unsurprisingly upbeat about the figures:

"The appeal in attending live football across the EFL has never been of more interest, with all 72 Clubs doing their upmost to attract new supporters and keeping it accessible to those loyal fans already engaged. It is particularly pleasing to see that the cumulative attendance has once again topped the 18 million mark. In what was a record breaking 2016-17 campaign, this season has continued the trend of improvement in fan experience, generating a positive impact in enjoyment and ultimately attendance."

The top attendances in each division came from Aston Villa in the Championship with an average of 32,097, whilst Bradford City averaged 19,787 in League One, with Coventry City having 9,255 in League Two.

The take-up of Season Tickets for EFL clubs continues to rise, Last season, the League went over 500,000 for the first time, whilst for the 2017-18 season they have hit accumulated sales of 520,000 Season Tickets sold across the 72 clubs, an increase of 4 percent.

The overall Football League statistics are heavily at odds with Yeovil Town's own position, with attendances seeing a 17.5 percent drop at Huish Park, down to 2,941, whilst Season Ticket sales were at their lowest since they entered the Football League, with a take-up of 1,534 for the 2017-18 season.

Football League Accumulative Attendances:
2005-06 : 16.2 million (16,364,419)
2006-07 : 16.4 million (16,473,930)
2007-08 : 16.2 million
2008-09 : 16.3 million (16,352,920)
2009-10 : 17.1 million (17,078,088)
2010-11 : 16.1 million
2011-12 : 16.3 million
2012-13 : 15.6 million (15,566,887)
2013-14 : 15.7 million (15,703,427)
2014-15 : 16.3 million (16,319,112)
2015-16 : 16.3 million (16,352,500)
2016-17 : 18.1 million (18,107,332)
2017-18 : 18.1 million (18,099,894)

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