Ciderspace News Page : Glovers Trust Receive Response To Ten Item Challenge
19 April 2018 : Glovers Trust Receive Response To Ten Item Challenge
Back in September 2017, The Glovers Trust met with Supporters Director David Mills to agree a 'Ten Item Challenge' with respect to improvements that could be made at Huish Park with respect to the fan experience at and around home matches. The original scope of the challenge was recorded in the minutes of that meeting as follows:

"DM (David Mills) also set out a challenge to the Trust to identify ten realistic off the field things that he could do to improve the fan experience at Huish Park. He pledged to complete the ten tasks within a period of three months and if there was a good reason why any could not be done explain why. DM said would be prepared to receive explain why. DM said would be prepared to receive the appropriate criticism if fans found the results to be unsatisfactory."

The Trust consulted with its members and compiled together ten of the most popular or valid suggestions, communicating the proposed list to David on December 19th 2017. He agreed to set the clock running from January 1st 2018, and has subsequently provided a response back to the Trust on March 12th, detailing his response to their suggestions. The Trust have confirmed that at present this still remains the latest picture, against those ten items:

1. Communicate the terms of the covenants affecting the Huish Park site, what has been done to remove these, and the impact they are having on building a permanent social club.

DM Response: This falls outside the scope of the challenges which was "DM also set out a challenge to the Trust to identify ten realistic off the field things that he could do to improve the fan experience at Huish Park". However as mentioned at the recent Supporters Alliance meeting, YTFC Director David Lee is happy to attend a future Alliance meeting to discuss such matters.

2. Explore the cost and practicalities of installing low level lighting on the path that runs between the Screwfix Stand and the traffic lights on Western Avenue. The visibility on the section leading up to the traffic lights is particularly poor.

DM Response: The club is obtaining a quote for this work.

3. Explore the practicalities of utilising vendor trays and mobile catering to sell food and drinks inside the stadium during a match.

DM Response: The Corporate Hospitality Manager has said this is not a viable proposition as food hygiene restrictions mean that food has top be kept either hot or cold as appropriate.

4. Ensure that all sinks in the toilet areas dispense hot water as well as cold.

DM Response: The club is obtaining a quote for this work.

5. Explore the practicalities of providing a dedicated bus link that runs from the train stations, via the town centre to the stadium.

DM Response: I have asked a local provider to quote for this. A smilar service was requested for the recent game with Manchester United however there were no drivers available.

6. Create a designated area for supporters to lead chants and use flags and instruments on the terrace to enhance the atmosphere during matches.

DM Response: Would need more information on why this is thought to be helpful as the club has a relaxed policy on such matters. For instance, for the Manchester United game, the club approached the drummer in advance of the game to make sure he could be accommodated.

7. Implement regular and varied entertainment at half-time, primarily aimed at children and younger supporters. Examples could include a crossbar challenge, beat the goalie competition wacky challenges, or anything else that will keep people entertained.

DM: Response: Club happy to do this next season, probably in partnership with Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust.

8. Explore the practicality of implementing a prize draw whereby attending supporters could win an upgrade from a normal match day seat to a box/executive seat for the next match.

DM Response: This is already in the pipeline as part of a strategy to drive programme sales.

9. Explore the practicality of implementing a half-time prize draw whereby younger supporters can win an opportunity to meet the playing squad following a match.

DM Response: Although a good idea this concept has two key challenges. Firstly, a prize draw involving under 18s presents a legal issue so needs to be thought out. Secondly the club could not guarantee the squad would be available within a specific time frame post-match. It is something however that might be possible in an adjusted form via the Junior Glovers set up, so this will be considered further.

10. Give supporters an input into the music which the team walk out to, perhaps inviting fans to vote from shortlist drawn up by the playing staff for the tune to be played ahead of the next match.

DM Response: The club are happy to look at this for next season.

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