Ciderspace News Page : 2018-19 Summer Transfer Window Rule Changes
22 February 2018 : 2018-19 Summer Transfer Window Rule Changes
The Football League have voted through proposals to change the way the Summer Transfer Window works. The 72 member clubs were at Villa Park today and have agreed changes that will see the window for permanent transfers close earlier than usual, to fall in line with a change already agreed with Premier League clubs. The Summer Transfer Window will now close on the Thursday before the season proper starts, meaning that next season teams will have to complete all paperwork by Thursday 9th August 2018, with 5.00p.m. the cut-off point.

There are some concessions that have been made that will apply to Football League clubs, which the Premier League appear not to have considered. These will allow teams to do the following:

1. Sign players on Standard Loan Agreements (half-season or full-season) up until August 31st 2018
2. Sign players on Standard Loan Agreements (half-season or full-season) up until August 31st 2018, with an option to agree a permanent transfer when the next window opens.
3. Register players who ceased to be registered with a club during the period up until August 31st 2018. In practice this means that free transfers can still take place, provided the player's old club is willing to tear their player's contract up.
4. Transfer players out to a club in any League whose window is still open - which would include non-league levels and international leagues.

According to Sky Sports, today's vote saw 40 clubs support the agreement, whilst 29 voted against. Three clubs did not attend the meeting, and so did note vote. There were no formal abstentions.

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