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1 February 2018 : Alex Fisher : Have Boots Can Travel!
Yeovil Town's new striker Alex Fisher has explained some of the circumstances behind his whirlwind transfer that saw him travel the length of the country to play against Manchester United in the FA Cup last week. The former Oxford United and Mansfield Town player was one of the talking points amongst the national media on the day of the game, after his transfer from Scottish Premiership side Motherwell was announced midway through the Friday afternoon.

Whilst it may have been assumed that Alex's transfer was being kept under wraps ahead of the tie, the truth became apparent when BBC Sport journalist Dan Walker revealed that he had seen Fisher go up to manager Darren Way at 6.30p.m. and say 'Hello I'm Alex', at which point he was told he was on the bench for the game! An unusual story became even more outlandish when it became apparent that the striker had actually woken up in his flat in Scotland, and had driven down to South Somerset on the day of the game, covering over 400 miles just to get as far as the stadium.

Fisher admitted that the sequence of events felt more as though he was turning up for a game at Sunday League level, in that he had to adopt a 'have boots, will travel' policy to the fixture. As such it was only when he stood up in the tunnel area before the game that he had time to reflect what sort of a fixture he was involved in:

"It was a whirlwind 24 hours. When I woke up on Friday morning the deal had gone through and Yeovil asked if I could get down. So off I went. I took a little bag with boots and shin pads. It was like I was turning up for a Sunday League game as a kid. I jumped in the car and the idea that a few hours later I'd be facing up to Sanchez and Co was a bit surreal. It was only when I actually got on the pitch and I was standing shoulder to shoulder with United's players that I thought: 'Christ, this is the real deal'."

Fisher added that it wasn't just the manager he had to introduce himself to. He said that once he got into the players dressing room, he was having to introduce himself to some of the players that he would ultimately be on the pitch with:

"Chances like that don't come up too often in your career. I was told to try and report at the ground just whenever I could. The drive itself from Glasgow is probably around seven-and-a-half hours. But I thought, if that's the carrot at the end of it, let's do it. I managed to get a quick bite to eat with the team but I literally met some of the guys' for the first time in the dressing-room before the game."

The Oxford-born player said that the busy day didn't get any easier once the game was over. The need to keep his legs stretched meant that he missed out on a souvenir from the game, whilst once he'd got out of the stadium, he was back in his car once more, for another hundred mile journey:

"I didn't even get to swap my shirt with a Man United player after the game because I had to do running. They wanted me to keep myself ticking over. So by the time I got in for a shower, they'd all gone. Then after the game, I had another two-and-a-half-hour drive to get to my parents' place in Oxford. But even if it wasn't that fixture against United, I would have done the same. I'll need to get back up to Motherwell when there's a break in fixtures, because I literally just left my flat as it was on Friday morning."

You can only hope the club have got him somewhere to stay in Yeovil by now!

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