Ciderspace News Page : Darren Way Focussing On Permanent Recruits For Remainder Of Window
12 January 2018 : Darren Way Focussing On Permanent Recruits For Remainder Of Window
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way has said that any remaining Yeovil Town signinings during the January transfer window will almost certainly need to be permanent deals, if he is not to end up with the problems he had last season. The Glovers recruited seven loan players by the time that the January transfer window closed, but the final two didn't really contribute to the strength of their squad, with Football League matchday rules meaning that only five loanees could be put onto a teamsheet for any given game. The end result was that Kagongo Tshimanga's half season loan saw him fail to even get named in a first team squad, whilst Swansea City winger Owain Jones was a frequent casualty.

Way has said that he would only use that route as a last resort, and hopes that instead the club will back him in terms of bringing in players on permanent deals, to increase the size of his 22 man squad. He explained his thinking:

"It's quite obvious that I can only sign permanents now. I don't really want to go down the line of having that extra loan. I may if I have to. Unfortunately last time I got left in a position where neither of the loans got injured, so I always had to leave one out. That was uncomfortable. Nine times out of ten you'd probably run with five, then one gets injured and then you wonder why you never did that. But I think that certainly with the finances that the team has helped generate at the football club now, I'm hoping that I get a little bit of help but I need the help now."

As usual, the January transfer window will close on January 31st, and that will be the club's final chance to do any deals, with the exception of any free agents that happen to be out there. Way said that it was not just about the amount of time he had left to make recruitments, but was also his worry of losing players before the window closes:

"I've got 20 days to get help and reinforcements. That's with holding on to the players that we've got. If I was a manager out there, I'd probably be watching us every week, knowing the history of the football club, and if a player comes in then nine times out of ten, although I know we don't want to sell our players, but at the same time I know that when you look at the scouts list, every week at our club it seems to be very high. Again, all I can do is sit there and hope that I don't lose any players, but I understand if they move on to bigger and better things that we can't stand in their way."

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