Ciderspace News Page : Glovers Trust Canvass Members Over Supporters Alliance Changes
30 December 2017 : Glovers Trust Canvass Members Over Supporters Alliance Changes
The Glovers Trust are currently canvassing their members over changes to the club's Supporters Alliance Group constitution. At present the Trust have declined Yeovil Town's invitation to join the network of supporters groups, due to the original constitution asking representatives to sign up as "official Yeovil Town supporter groups", and to sign up to a code of conduct that require groups not to publicly criticise the club.

The Trust declined the initial invitation, on the basis that their own constitution required it to be independent of the football club, whilst signing up to Alliance Group rules would also compromise their status. However, the club have conceded that running meetings with both official supporters groups, and the independent Trust, is time consuming, particularly given that all groups are raising issues on similar themes. Hence the club agreed to rewrite the rules for its Supporters Alliance Group, with the aim of removing that fundamental blocker.

At the 2017 Glovers Trust AGM, this issue was discussed, with some in favour of signing up to the Alliance Group if the rules were changed, whilst others still saw it as not in the Trust's interests. As a result, the Trust Board have decided to circulate the Alliance Group Aims and Objectives, along with the amended Group Rules and Agreement and to ask Trust members to vote 'Yes' or 'No' to joining the Group. The Trust explains:

"The Trust Board have been notified of recent changes in terms and conditions attributed to membership of the Alliance Group which has removed the technical blocker that was preventing the Trust to even consider joining. The Board fully appreciate that there are numerous reasons why our members have joined the Trust and that some would like to see greater engagement with Club representatives and some would like to see less or none at all with the current owners in place. We would therefore value your opinion as to whether now is an appropriate time for the Trust to join the Alliance Group."

To aid your decision-making, we've included the text of both documents below, along with the original PDF documents. Trust members ONLY can cast their vote by emailing or by post to PO Box 5240, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 9FR stating your membership number and whether you would like to see the Trust join the Alliance Group. Voting will close at 10.00p.m. on Sunday 7th of January 2018. Only one vote per member will be counted and any votes that cannot be traced to a valid 2017-18 membership entry will be disregarded.

The two relevant documents are as follows:

Supporters Alliance Rules and Agreement:

We recognise the [Organisation Name] as a properly constituted group presenting some fans of YTFC.

[Organisation Name] are therefore invited to form part of the Supporters Alliance.

[Organisation Name] agree to work with YTFC and other recognised organisations within the Alliance to:
• To bring together all properly constituted groups presenting fans of YTFC to provide a unified voice
• To be YTFC's primary route for identifying fan views.
• To improve the relationship between Yeovil Town FC and supporters
• To achieve growth of Yeovil Town FC in Unity with supporters
• To give all member groups a formal communication route with the YTFC Board

Rules of the Alliance

1. All Supporter Groups taking part in the Alliance shall be properly constituted groups who upon request shall provide YTFC with audited accounts and articles of association.

2. To meet as a group at least twice a year at times at venues specified by YTFC but in agreement with the Alliance Chairperson.

3. A maximum two persons per member organisation may attend Alliance meetings, although only one person per organisation may vote. YTFC may have more than two attendees in order to better advise and consult the meeting.

4. At least one person representing the views of the YTFC Board shall be present at each Alliance meeting. Usually this will be the YTFC Chairman and/or Supporter Director.

5. If a person is a member of more than one Supporter group, they may only vote on behalf of the primary group they represent.

6. If a vote is required during an Alliance meeting to reach a decision on a matter a minimum number of three organisations must be present with YTFC being one of the three.

7. A Chairperson shall be elected no later than 1 June each year via a majority vote of an Alliance meeting with such a vote not occurring before 31 May each year.

8. The Chairperson shall be from an Alliance group, but not YTFC.

9. Outside of Alliance meetings the Chairperson make represent the views of the Alliance where a decision is needed before the next Alliance meeting occurs.

10. All Supporter groups who are members of the Alliance shall be treated equally in respect of access to and use of land and building owned by the club.

11. All Supporter groups given consent to operate on club property shall do so only in designated areas and shall operate in a respectful way (including to fans who are not members of their organisation).

12. Groups may leave the alliance by giving one month’s written notice at any time.

13. Groups can be required to leave the alliance if a majority of other member groups (so long as that majority includes YTFC) vote in favour of such a motion.

14. YTFC agrees to give due consideration to the views and majority wishes of the Supporter Alliance but it should be noted that majority votes by the alliance are advisory and not binding on YTFC.

15. It is respected that Supporter groups may not always be supportive of the Board of YTFC and may outside of the Alliance reflect differing views (so long as those views are not portrayed to be the official view of the Supporter Alliance).

If it is agreed that these rules may be varied by way of a majority vote by the Alliance members (so long as that majority includes YTFC).

Link: Original Document : Supporters Alliance Rules and Agreement.

Supporters Alliance Aims and Objectives:

The Supporters Alliance is a working party which aims to improve the growth of Yeovil Town Football Club and to give fans a unified method of communicating their view to the club.

Aim and objectives:
• To bring together all properly constituted groups presenting fans of YTFC to provide a unified voice
• To be YTFC’s primary route for identifying fan views.
• To improve the relationship between Yeovil Town FC and supporters
• To achieve growth of Yeovil Town FC in Unity with supporters
• To give all member groups a formal communication route with the YTFC Board

• By allowing Yeovil Town FC to hear the voice of the supporters through a structured process
• The Club will hold at least two meetings per season with the Supporters Alliance in order to discuss significant issues relating to the Club
• The agenda will be set by Yeovil Town FC through the input of the participating groups.
• Minutes of the meeting will be documented and shared with member groups.
• Treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, dignity and fairness
• Adhering to, and keeping up to date, the Yeovil Town FC Customer Charter
• Help promote equality, inclusion and anti-discrimination
• Promoting the Kick It Out Campaign
• Complying with the rules as agreed from time to time by the Alliance.
• By adhering to an agreed set of Alliance rules.

• The independence of all groups is respected and any group may choose to withdraw from the alliance.
• Groups may be asked to leave the alliance if a majority vote of an alliance meeting is in favour of such a move.

Link: Original Document : Supporters Alliance Aims And Objectives.

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