Ciderspace News Page : Glovers Trust Offer Mid-Season Membership Deal
22 December 2017 : Glovers Trust Offer Mid-Season Membership Deal
The Glovers Trust have this week reduced our Adult membership fee to 5.00 until the end of our financial year in June 2018, to make signing up a little easier at this time of year. We want YTFC to be at the heart of our community, open, accessible and accountable to all Yeovil fans. We should have a tangible stake in the future of our Club and only an independent Supporters Trust can democratically represent fans. Our members are ready to play their part, are you?

By joining the Glovers Trust you will be taking a share in the organisation that can help to take Yeovil Town forward. Together we can be a strong and unified force determined to get the best for our Club. Go to the Glovers Trust shop page and become part of our Club's future.

The Glovers Trust have been actively monitoring with much interest the rumours and denials surrounding a consortium of local businessmen planning to put in a bid for Yeovil Town Football Club. If they do exist the Trust are ready, willing and able to take a place with them at the negotiating table. Until that time the Trust Board will continue to challenge the current organisation in a way that is supported by the majority of our members.

We are aware that recent changes in terms and conditions have been made to the Alliance Group which should remove the technical blocker to enabling the Trust to even consider joining. Once we have received it we plan to share the revised terms with all of our members and as a collective will decide if it is now appropriate to join.

We are also seeking clarification with respect to our presence on Club premises as since leaving the supporters marquee of our own accord, it has yet to be made clear if we are able to return - either to the Marquee or another form of temporary structure. Until this is confirmed we will continue to operate from The Arrow Public House, running our usual services as we have been for a number of weeks.

[Brendon Owen, Glovers Trust.]

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