Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town Consultants Publish Report To The Board
21 December 2017 : Yeovil Town Consultants Publish Report To The Board
Yeovil Town's consutants Insight 63 Ltd have completed the production of their report designed to shape the future direction of the football club. A club statement confirms that Mark Palmer's report has been published and provided to the Board of Directors, but do not give any hint of what it might contain, except to say that the club will be considering its contents 'over the next few weeks'.

Mr Palmer states that from his point of view his recruitment by Chairman John Fry and club owner Norman Hayward was not to recommend the sale of the football club. At present, there are strong rumours that a local consortium has been holding talks with the club of some description, although the club's current position, stated earlier this month, is that those reports are 'categorically denied'.

The club describe the report as "outlining suggested strategic options to move the club forward". Palmer explains how he sees the situation from his point of view:

"I am pleased to report that my assessment has been concluded and duly reported to the Yeovil Town FC board. The recommendations are wide ranging across the whole club and I'm confident they will be an uplift to the club and supporters alike. However, I feel it is essential at this important stage of the season speculation does not run ahead of the practical process of implementing any recommendations the owners may wish to put in place; I would like to categorically state at this point in time I have not been asked to come in and recommend the sale of the club."

Of course, Palmer's own denial that he has been brought in to recommend the sale of the club need not rule that possibility out. The underlying reasons for his engagement may have been kept from him, to ensure a neutral outcome to his work. It would be almost surprising if part of his report did not consider the possibility of external investment, as one of his options presented to the Board.

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